Design concept of STONE Dmitrovskaya Business Center lobby developed by ABOVE architectural bureau

The design project of the lobby and shopping gallery of a class A business center near the Dmitrovskaya metro station has been developed by ABOVE architectural bureau.
13 September 2023

An original red business center in the shape of a prism will be built on Okskaya Street

A business center in the shape of a prism with rounded corners will be built near Okskaya metro station.
04 September 2023

Right from the Middle Kingdom: a residential complex with cascading terracotta facades will appear in Moscow

More than 15,000 square meters of terracotta lamellas produced in the People’s Republic of China will be used to face the facades of the Stories residential complex on Mosfilmovskaya.
16 August 2023

New Letovo.Junior campus will be built in modern Barnhouse style

The school is designed not as an integral building, but as a children’s town.
10 August 2023

Atom Pavilion at VDNKh is a unique building from a structural point of view

The most spectacular solution for the open part was the «floating» console, which protrudes 53 meters, as well as panoramic glazing of the facade with self-supporting 12-meter glasses.
26 July 2023

STONE Leninsky: strict architecture and principles of healthy building

The author of the project is WALL bureau.
31 May 2023

First sports and fitness complex in cultural heritage site will open in Presnya

A sports and health club with a thermal complex will open on the territory of Republic quarter within the walls of a cultural heritage site.
22 May 2023

Moscow Committee for Architecture agreed on concept of 3d stage of ÁLIA residential area

The third stage of ÁLIA residential complex has been designed in the general style of the existing architectural ensemble of the first and second stages of residential built-up area.
18 May 2023

Sydney City Residential Complex wins Urban Design & Architecture Design Awards

The project won Architecture Technology (Built) nomination. Genpro designed buildings of different heights with dynamic facades made of aluminum panels, emphasizing their plasticity.
08 May 2023

House with Pigeons, ZILART

The House with Pigeons as part of the large-scale ZILART project is being prepared for commissioning.
25 April 2023

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