Committee for Architecture and Urban Planning of Moscow — Moskomarkhitektura — the executive authority of the city of Moscow, ensuring the implementation of state regulation of urban and architectural activities in the city.

Areas of activity:

— Shaping/Forming and developing legislation governing activities related to urban development and architecture in Moscow.

— Helping to formulate and implement the Moscow government’s urban development policy.

— Organising territorial planning and the design of a city layout for Moscow.

— Organising pre-design preparation and the design of facilities included in the city’s capital construction programmes.

— Coordinating Moscow’s urban development activities carried out in its capacity as the capital of the Russian Federation as well as activities related to the coordinated development of the city of Moscow and the Moscow Region.

— Ensuring that Moscow’s territory is used in compliance with the approved territorial planning and urban development zoning documents, as well as with urban planning standards set for Moscow and other urban development laws of the Russian Federation.

— Organising cartographic work and engineering surveys for the purposes of urban development, architectural engineering, and construction engineering.

— Organising information support for urban development activities.


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