The Architectural Council of Moscow is a standing collegial consultative body to the Moscow City Committee for Architecture and Urban Planning. Membership of the Council rotates annually and consists of prominent public figures and experts in the field of architecture and urban planning. The Chairman of the Council is Sergey Kuznetsov, the Chief Architect of Moscow.

At the monthly meetings of the Architectural Council of Moscow architectural projects and solutions that are the most significant to the city are discussed — ones that concern historic buildings, squares and highways of city-wide importance. Each member of the Architectural Council of Moscow expresses his or her opinion on the submitted project. The result of a project consideration at an Architectural Council session becomes the decision on the basis on which a Certificate of Architecture and Urban Planning Solution (АГР) is issued or rejection reasons are given with the necessary recommendations to revise the project.

The work of the Architectural Council of Moscow is aimed at making the decisions on key urban projects widely open to the public — this is the principled position of Sergey Kuznetsov, Moscow’s Chief Architect.


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