The Moscow Committee for Architecture and Urban Planning, Architectural Council of Moscow and the Chief Architect of Moscow are parts of the executive branch of the city of Moscow, which ensure the implementation of state regulation of urban planning and architectural activities in the city. We see our mission as creating a quality urban environment, and therefore the focus of our ideology of urban planning and urban design is a person’s interests and needs.

Today in Moscow there are a variety of major architectural and urban initiatives: development of transport infrastructure, creation of public spaces, reorganization of industrial zones, development of new territories, competitions for projects of various scale, development of the new image of mass housing and social facilities, works to improve the appearance of the city, and other projects.

Sergey Kuznetsov, the Chief Architect of Moscow, believes the piorities of his work are improving the quality of architectural and planning decisions, stimulating processes in the professional environment, and creating a system of professional development. For this purpose, new approaches to the design of the urban environment are being applied, work is underway to improve the legislative and regulatory framework, and most importantly, increasing transparency in decision making. Thus, the mechanisms for the review and approval of projects have been optimized, the new format of the Architectural Council of Moscow has been created, and architectural and urban development competitions are actively being organized.

Thanks to competitions, within a short time Moscow appeared on the architecture map of the world. Competitions are one of the mechanisms for the integration of Moscow into an international assessment of the quality of architectural activity, with international architectural firms taking part in them, as well as authoritative international experts are invited to participate in the jury, joint roundtables, seminars, and lectures.

On our portal you will find the most current and accurate information about the architectural and urban policies in Moscow, ongoing and completed projects, current events, future plans and opportunities.


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