Atom Pavilion at VDNKh is a unique building from a structural point of view

26 July 2023

An innovative system of vacuum rainwater drainage, a system of «monitoring of building structures» and energy-efficient solutions — from a constructive point of view, the Atom pavilion at VDNKh is a unique building, said Sergey Kuznetsov, Chief Architect of Moscow.

The most spectacular solution for the open part was the «floating» console, which protrudes 53 meters, as well as panoramic glazing of the facade with self-supporting 12-meter glasses.

«The above-ground level of the pavilion is divided into two parts diagonally: a glazed open area and a closed space. On the roof of the Atom there will be an observation deck, a lawn and the only cafe on the roof on the territory of VNDH. For all its constructive complexity, the project is also thought out from an engineering point of view: the most modern systems responsible for comfort and safety are used, the building is efficient and has low energy costs,» commented Sergey Kuznetsov.

The water supply systems in the pavilion are designed from modern polymeric materials and are energy efficient. To divert wastewater from three underground floors, leak-tight autonomously operating pumping stations are provided.

«The larger the area of the building, the more rainwater it can collect, which leads to the need for large diameter pipelines that have to be laid with a slope. Therefore, an innovative system of vacuum rainwater sewerage was designed in the Atom pavilion. This solution makes it possible to reduce the diameters of pipelines and avoid using slopes, thereby reducing the space required for placing communications,» — Alexey Milovanov, Technical Director of UNK engineering.

The electrical power supply of the pavilion is carried out from two independent city inputs for a voltage of 20 kV. During the period of the events, it is possible to reserve part of the loads by the power supply system using diesel generator sets.

«Modern solutions applied in the project have reduced the consumption of electrical power. An intelligent dispatching and automatic control system allows you to control lighting fixtures, and with the help of an electricity metering system, implement flexible scenarios for managing loads depending on the operating mode of the pavilion,» Sergey Kuznetsov added.

Atom’s fire safety systems are a whole automated complex. A sprinkler fire extinguishing system with a liquid flow signaling device allows you to quickly determine the «address» of the fire and speed up the arrival of the fire department to the fire site. In rooms where fire extinguishing with water is not allowed, gas fire extinguishing modules with liquefied gas Novec 1230 are installed, which is the most environmentally friendly and safe for humans.

The pavilion is safely protected from penetration by a complex of modern technical means: continuous round-the-clock video monitoring and registration of the situation in the most critical areas, as well as the collection, processing, transmission and information in the pavilion. A ticketing system solution has been introduced into the system. To control the building, a system of «monitoring of building structures» and a «system for collecting data and transmitting messages of a structured system for monitoring engineering systems of buildings and structures» are also provided. Sensors that record changes in the state of the engineering (bearing) structures of an object continuously, in real time, control the main parameters of the supporting structures.

Images: UNK architects


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