Design concept of STONE Dmitrovskaya Business Center lobby developed by ABOVE architectural bureau

13 September 2023
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The design project of the lobby and shopping gallery of a class A business center near the Dmitrovskaya metro station has been developed by ABOVE architectural bureau. The architectural solution of the interior spaces is based on thoughtful zoning: there will be reception and waiting areas, as well as lounge spaces and an integrated business lounge. This was announced by Chief Architect of Moscow Sergey Kuznetsov.

The concept of the interiors of STONE Dmitrovskaya was based on the idea of the relationship between internal and external space. The common areas of the business center and the shopping gallery reflected elements of the facade geometry in the interior.

«The lower levels of the business center with a spacious lobby and an enlarged retail component with panoramic windows create an openness effect and connect the facility with the urban environment. The architecture of STONE Dmitrovskaya by IND bureau finds its continuation in the color scheme of the interiors of the lobby and shopping gallery, the design project of which was developed by ABOVE bureau. Minimalism and conciseness are embodied in natural stone and brass, which, together with the choice of warm colors, formed a single image of the business center,» said Sergey Kuznetsov, Chief Architect of Moscow.

STONE Dmitrovskaya provides for the Healthy building and be CITIZEN concepts, which are responsible for the mental health of residents and the creation of a comfortable environment in the business center. The architecture of public spaces, made in soothing colors using natural materials and biophilic design elements, will help maintain the psychological and emotional state of future residents, and well-thought-out navigation will make it quick and easy to find your way.

«When developing the design concept of the business center, we paid special attention to the shopping gallery. Realizing that it will become part of a well-maintained public space, we combined the principles of modernism in the formation of interior solutions. As a continuation of the pedestrian boulevard that forms the retail corridor, the space of the shopping gallery is reflected in the metal surfaces used in the interior,» said Nikita Dergunov, General Director of ABOVE bureau.

The reception desk in the lobby and shopping gallery is made in a minimalist solution. A flexible access system is also provided for residents and guests of the business center, which will allow you to avoid queues, and contactless access and access to the lobby are designed to minimize the physical function of the reception. For ABOVE, the STONE Dmitrovskaya business center was the first project implemented together with the STONE developer.

The author’s style of the architectural bureau is the combination of unique human experience and modern technologies in the work, as well as the recognizable priority of monochrome coloring.

«The business center with a total area of 50,000 square meters will be built at the address: Dmitrovsky proezd, vl.1 г under the program for the integrated development of territories. An agreement with an investor on the reorganization of an inefficiently used plot of almost 0.6 hectares was signed in 2022. The project should be implemented within five years, thanks to it 3.5 thousand new jobs will appear in the capital,» said Maxim Gaman, Minister of Moscow Government, Head of the City Property Department.

The business center with a total area of 50 thousand square meters will be constructed at Dmitrovsky proezd, vl.1г; it is a three-minute walk from the Dmitrovskaya metro station and the MCD-2 station, 2 km from the Third Ring Road. The class A business center is being implemented jointly with Moscow Mayor’s Office as part of the program for the integrated development of territories and is a 23-storey office tower with a dynamic facade, as well as a fully glazed retail gallery.

The developer of the project is STONE.

Images: ABOVE


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