STONE Leninsky: strict architecture and principles of healthy building

The author of the project is WALL bureau.
31 May 2023

First sports and fitness complex in cultural heritage site will open in Presnya

A sports and health club with a thermal complex will open on the territory of Republic quarter within the walls of a cultural heritage site.
22 May 2023

Moscow Committee for Architecture agreed on concept of 3d stage of ÁLIA residential area

The third stage of ÁLIA residential complex has been designed in the general style of the existing architectural ensemble of the first and second stages of residential built-up area.
18 May 2023

Sydney City Residential Complex wins Urban Design & Architecture Design Awards

The project won Architecture Technology (Built) nomination. Genpro designed buildings of different heights with dynamic facades made of aluminum panels, emphasizing their plasticity.
08 May 2023

New 200 meters high architectural symbol of Danilovsky district

The main feature of the project is decorative white lamellas that run through the entire building and resemble the movement of magnetic waves.
19 April 2023

House-waterfall, Mosfilmovskaya street

Terracotta facades, stepped terraces, rounded building corners and seamless glazing - these features of the new Stories residential complex create associations with a cascading waterfall.
10 April 2023

Residential Complex Inspired by Futuristic Minimalism will Appear in Khoroshyovo-Mnyovniki District

A residential complex inspired by futuristic minimalism will appear in the Khoroshyovo-Mnyovniki district.
16 January 2023

Educational Building with Mirrored Facades will Appear in Troparyovo-Nikulino

An educational building with mirrored facades, designed for students of grades 5 to 9, will appear in Troparyovo-Nikulino District.
12 December 2022

School for 1100 students in Kartmazovo village will have fantasy facades

A school for 1,100 students in the village of Kartmazovo will be built according to the project of Gafa architects.
16 November 2022

ARCH Moscow Central Exposition Dedicated to Bridges

Moscow Committee for Architecture presented an exposition at ARCH Moscow-2022 exhibition dedicated to the projects of new bridges and the formation of cross-links in the city.
08 June 2022

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