Tatlin Apartments Project Awarded with Iconic Awards and Architecture MasterPrize

Tatlin Apartments Complex has won the Iconic Awards.Innovative Architecture, an award from the German Design Council for the best architecture and design projects around the world.
10 November 2021

Third Stage of Serp i Molot Industrial Zone in Lefortovo Development Received Consent

A new quarter making part of the third stage of development of Serp i Molot industrial zone will consist of towers of various configurations.
28 October 2021

Innovative School in Garden Quarters Will Be Built According To UNK Project

The Novy Vzglyad (New Look) school in Garden Quarters will be built according to UNK project.
19 October 2021

The Light Falls. Exhibition of Watercolors by Sergey Kuznetsov Opens on October 28

The Triumph Gallery presents a personal exhibition of Chief Architect of Moscow Sergey Kuznetsov The Light Falls, which includes about a hundred works made in watercolor technique.
18 October 2021

Parking Lot with "Leaves" on Facades and Green Roof Will Be Built in Kuntsevo

A mechanized parking lot will be constructed near the village of Zakharkovo.
15 October 2021

Speech Showed Interiors of Future Hermitage-Moscow Museum

The interiors of the future Hermitage-Moscow museum at ZIL. The project was made by Speech bureau.
14 October 2021

Moskomarkhitektura Approved Updated Project of Hermitage Branch in ZIL

The ZIL Museum of Art has acquired its final appearance - the facades of the "cube" building will have the form of a grid of metal structures simulating copper.
12 October 2021

"Exoskeleton" of House of Communication in Novy Arbat Will Become Metallic White

Moskomarkhitektura approved the project of reconstruction of the House of Communication (2, Novy Arbat).
06 October 2021

Sergey Kuznetsov imagines new projects on the scale of a huge metropolis

Vladimir Belogolovsky in conversation with Sergey Kuznetsov (Chief Architect of Moscow) on moving one million residents in the Russian capital to new housing blocks.
22 September 2021

Dashi Namdakov’s Work will Appear at Novomoskovskaya Station

The Novomoskovskaya station will be decorated with the sculptural work of the world famous author, member of the Union of Artists of Russia, Dashi Namdakov.
15 July 2021

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