Moskomarkhitectura Approved a Bridge with Spectacular Arch

According to Chief Architect of Moscow Sergey Kuznetsov, its main element will be represented by a spectacular diagonal arch with a height of about 30 meters.
14 May 2020

The Second Stage of the Symbol Residential Complex will be Built by the ATRIUM Bureau

Moskomarkhitektura agreed on the architectural concept of the second stage of the Symbol Residential Complex on the territory of the former “Serp i Molot” industrial zone.
06 May 2020

Chaika Swimming Pool to Have New Cultural and Sports Center

The design solution was developed by GUP Mosproekt-2 in the 2000s, due to various economic reasons, the construction of the facility was frozen.
04 May 2020

A Modern Residential Quarter to Appear on the Site of the Former Industrial Zone in Khoroshevo-Mnevniki

The project was developed by the Genplan Institute of Moscow together with Architectural Bureau Ostozhenka.
30 April 2020

Whole Network of Walking Routes to be Created in Ostankinsky District under the Renovation Program

A diverse infrastructure will be created in the area, shops, service and catering enterprises, all within walking distance.
28 April 2020

ARCHITIME Design Group Developed a Dynamic Wall

Using the dynamic wall technology from ARCHITIME design group, a vivid visual effect is achieved.
20 April 2020

New Multifunctional Complex to Connect Moscow International Business Center Moscow-City with the River

Elements with a “brass” coating will decorate the facades of the new multifunctional
17 April 2020

Quarter Construction and Diversification of Services Help Maintain Isolation - Sergey Kuznetsov

The quarter construction system and the diversification of services help withstand the periods of self-isolation with more comfort, according to Chief Architect of Moscow Sergey Kuznetsov.
13 April 2020

Recreational Areas along the Yauza to Turn into a Single Superpark

The new project proposes to combine existing parks along the river into one continuous recreational area of about 20 square kilometers, Yauza Superpark.
09 April 2020

Sustainability and Art Objects. Sergey Nikeshkin’s Wooden Cottage

It is a two-story house made of wood, whose architecture refers us to the traditions of constructivism.
06 April 2020

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