Residential Complex with Open Terraces will be Built in Zakharkovo

UNK Project bureau plans to build a residential complex in Moscow on the territory of Rublevo-Arkhangelskoye near the village of Zakharkovo.
26 April 2021

Residential Building with Pink Nacrous Facade will Appear in Danilovsky District

Danilovsky District. The project is being implemented as part of the first stage of the development of the ZIL-Yug territory, said Chief Architect of Moscow, First Deputy Chairman of Moskomarkhitektura Sergey Kuznetsov.
21 April 2021

Nature Trail and Professions of the Future – What Else will Appear in Yauza Park

Yauza Park will become one of the best places for recreation in the North-East of Moscow.
07 April 2021

Moskomarkhitektura Approved Forum1914 Project on Garden Ring

Moskomarkhitektura has approved the restoration project of the Forum Electrotheatre building on the Garden Ring, which will be carried out by Hutton Development.
01 April 2021

Renovated South River Terminal, Water Rides and Gardens – New Look of Novinki Backwater

Water rides, a floating spa complex and a garden with aquatic plants will appear in the water area of Novinki backwater.
29 March 2021

City Scientific Block will be Based at Bauman Moscow State Technical University

A new city scientific block with pedestrian squares, a landscaped embankment and a green park will be created around Bauman Moscow State University, one of the top universities of the country.
26 March 2021

New Urban Space on the River Bank will Appear Near Krutitskaya Embankment

In the near future, a section of the road network on Simonovskaya Embankment - from Krutitskaya Embankment to Leninskaya Sloboda Street - will be landscaped and reconstructed.
24 March 2021

House with Openwork Faсade to Appear at ZIL

A house with round bay windows and sculptural panels will appear at ZIL. If you take a closer look at the unusual design, you can see the outlines of car parts - shafts, rotors and gears.
22 March 2021

New Park will Appear in Kommunarka next to Educational Cluster

The main principles of organizing the space of these objects are connectivity, openness and functionality.
13 March 2021

RED7, a New Bright Accent in Moscow Skyline

Really unique from an architectural and technical point of view, the RED7 project will become a bright new accent in the skyline of Moscow.
11 March 2021

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