Facades of Two New Buildings Opened in ZIL

Facades of two new buildings No 1 and No 2 have been opened in ZILART block of houses.
20 May 2019

Renovation of “Budapest” Cinema Will Be Finished in 2020

The buildings will be distinguished by their outstanding design with clear glass streamlined facades reminding of their predecessors.
14 May 2019

Equestrian Center with Swimming Pool and Shooting Gallery to be Built in the North-East of Moscow

An equestrian center with a swimming pool, a fencing gym and a shooting gallery will be built in the North-Eastern Administrative District.
06 May 2019

New SPA Center in Luzhniki Will Have Sail-Shaped Roofs

Luzhniki stadium will have a new spa center where athletes can recover after workouts.
29 April 2019

BIM Technologies Used for ZIL Buildings Design

BIM technologies are used for ZIL buildings design. This allows various teams of architects to work in a single field, synchronizing their actions online.
26 April 2019

Artistic Gymnastics Center in Luzhniki is almost ready

The construction of Irina Viner-Usmanova Artistic Gymnastics Center in Luzhniki is almost over. It will host its first competitions as early as this summer.
23 April 2019

Urban villa-style housing to launch in Moscow

The geometry of the site is built on rotating the 17 buildings at different angles, to enhance the uniqueness of each villa and create a sense of privacy.
03 April 2019

The new tram line from Prazhskaya metro station will have nine stops

The new tram line from the Prazhskaya metro station, which will connect Biryulyovo and Chertanovo districts, will include nine stops.
01 April 2019

Dates of the public hearings on the renovation program were announced

The chairperson of Moskomarkhitektura Yuliana Kniazhevskaya and the chief architect of Moscow Sergey Kuznetsov talked about the objectives of the upcoming public discussion and answered the journalists’s questions.
31 March 2019

Architectural Council of Moscow approved the concept of Textilshchiki Metro station of the BKL

At the meeting on March 6, the Archcouncil of Moscow approved the concept of Tekstilshchiki Metro station on the Bolshaya Koltsevaya Line (BKL).
27 March 2019

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