STONE Leninsky: strict architecture and principles of healthy building

31 May 2023
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A business center of two office towers united by a black granite stylobate will be erected near Leninsky Prospekt on the first line of Vavilova street, ow. 11, said Chief Architect of Moscow Sergey Kuznetsov. The author of the project is WALL bureau.

The business center will consist of two different-level office towers - a 12-story S tower and a 23-story L tower, which will be united by a two-level black granite stylobate with display windows. The long fundamental stylobate part will form the front of the street, leveling the height difference on the site, which will create a full-fledged public space for citizens. The total ground area of the facility will be 70 thousand square meters.

 “STONE Leninsky Business Center will complement the existing prestigious area of Leninsky Prospekt with business infrastructure. Given the density of the surrounding buildings, the architects were faced with the task of creating not only a functional business center, but also integrating the building into the environment. So, on the first floors of the business center, a multi-format infrastructure block with free access for citizens is provided. The use of natural stone in the facade decoration, along with the architectural solutions of the building at the level of the lower floors, in turn, will play an important role in shaping street landscapes,” said Sergey Kuznetsov.

The maximum height of the business center will be 100 meters. To lighten the upper volume of the two office towers, the architects literally "dissolved" it in the air with the help of a transition to light colors in the facade decoration and a high level of glazing.

The external environment of STONE Leninskiy involves landscaping with multi-format zoning: an open "green" terrace, where there are areas for outdoor work, places for recreation and swings, at ground level - summer verandas of restaurants and cafes. The infrastructure will be complemented by well-thought walking routes along the stylobate.

The key task in designing the business center was creation of adaptive planning solutions. The optimal depth of the premises was observed - up to 10 meters, and floor-to-ceiling glazing and 3.65 m high ceilings visually expand the space and create maximum emotional and physical comfort for employees. The project also features energy-efficient and technological engineering, optimal levels of natural light, integrated landscaping and biophilic design elements that contribute to the physical, mental and social well-being of residents.

STONE Leninsky will be built on a 1.14-hectare site within a four-minute walk from the Leninsky Prospekt metro station and Gagarin Square MCC, 400 meters from the Third Ring Road. The project developer is STONE HEDGE.



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