Right from the Middle Kingdom: a residential complex with cascading terracotta facades will appear in Moscow

16 August 2023

More than 15,000 square meters of terracotta lamellas produced in the People’s Republic of China will be used to face the facades of the Stories residential complex on Mosfilmovskaya. The architectural concept of a residential complex with an area of 38.9 thousand square meters, located in Ramenki, was developed by the world-class Japanese company Nikken, taking into account the latest trends in green building and sustainable development.

On the territory between Lobachevsky Street and Matveevskoye platform, a 29-story Stories Tower building 99 meters high and an 11-story Terrace building will have been built by 2026. The developer is October Group.

«The terracotta finish of the facades of the two buildings of the Stories residential complex will be an original visual solution for the capital, emphasizing the environmental friendliness of housing and various forms. One of the facades of the project will be made in the shape of steps resembling a cascade of a waterfall, and rounded corners, panoramic windows, horizontal decks, the natural color of the facades and view terraces will enhance this impression,» said Sergey Kuznetsov, Chief Architect of Moscow.

Smooth and rusticated terracotta lamellas in three shades of sand color will be used for facade facing, arrangement of interfloor space and niches for air conditioners of the 29-storey Stories Tower and 11-storey Terrace House. The size of the panels varies from 400×20×1150 (for smooth) to 650.6×130×600 (for rusticated). Their distinguishing feature is the ability to withstand extreme weather conditions, as well as temperature fluctuations, which is important for the temperate climate zone of Moscow with its pronounced seasonality.

Another advantage of terracotta facade material is its durability — many European cities, built several centuries ago from terracotta, still exist today. «China is considered the birthplace of terracotta, it was here that the technologies for extracting and firing clay have been transferred and perfected for centuries. To date, the country has the best factories for the industrial production of facade terracotta panels, successfully solving the problem of import substitution for the Russian market. That is why we decided to choose a partner from China as our supplier — a proven manufacturer with rich experience and an impeccable reputation. The governments of the two countries (Russia and China) are interested in further fruitful cooperation, considering each other as priority partners,» says Yury Kogan, Commercial Director of October Group.

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