Wooden embankment and workout zones: how will Central Park in Skolkovo change

Portal Moscow 24 was informed about this by Chief Architect of Moscow Sergey Kuznetsov.
03 December 2018

Experts talked about the Moskva River megaproject

Within the framework of the International Festival of Architecture Zodchestvo, experts tried to answer many questions about the future of the Moskva River.
29 November 2018

Launch of the Moscow cable car

A new cableway connecting the Luzhniki sports complex and Sparrow Hills has been commissioned today. Now it only takes five minutes to get from the observation deck to Luzhniki, while it takes 20 minutes to get there by car.
28 November 2018

Asif Khan: sometimes you have to discover the creator in yourself, because no one believes that your idea is real

Master of interdisciplinary projects at the intersection of architecture, art and newtechnologies, architect and artist from the UK Asif Khan spoke at the section «CreativeEnvironment and Urban Studies».
27 November 2018

Freedom from “make-it-better”: what does the job of a stage designer give to an architect

On Sunday the Magic Flute for children premiered at Moscow theatre Helikon Opera. And on Monday, November 12, adults had an opportunity to enjoy the music of Mozart and staging by director Ilya Ilyin.
19 November 2018

The Magic Flute premiered at Helikon Opera

A scenic and dynamic set was designed in collaboration with the architect Agnia Sterligova.
15 November 2018

Archcouncil rejected design project of Michurinsky Prospekt metro station

Archcouncil of Moscow has rejected the design project of the metro station at the intersection of Michurinsky Prospekt and Udaltsova Street, in the south-west section of the Third Interchange Circuit.
14 November 2018

11 ugly urban underpasses now functioning as public parks

Arguably the most famous urban adaptive reuse project in America, the High Line made industrial reuse cool and prompted a wave of creative development.
02 November 2018

Irina Sedykh: the country cannot move forward without improving its small towns

Irina Sedykh, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the OMK-Uchastie Charity Fund after All-Russia conference on small towns and historical settlements Revitalization of Small Towns through Involvement of Local Population in Cultural Practices told us how charity and involvement of the local communities helps in the development of small town.
31 October 2018

Phenomenon of Eurasian cities in a new research

A new research presented at the conference Comfortable City: New Challenges analyzes the development of Russian cities against the background of national history and gives recommendations on their preservation and further development.
29 October 2018

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