Friendship of the People and StoneFlower fountains at VDNKh to get a facelift

The job is expected to have been carried out by the beginning of the 2019 fountain season.
15 October 2018

Mark Akopyan: An Exhibition Can Get in Trouble Because of the Labels

The architecture of exhibitions and the exposition design is one of the new and ultra-relevant directions in the development of the global museum culture.
10 October 2018

Malevich’s avant-garde works to influence the design of Nizhniye Mnyovniki metro station

The famous painting Red Square by Kazimir Malevich has inspired architects to create a design for a new station on the Larger Circle Line.
08 October 2018

Porcelain teapots on a count’s table: What Sheremetyevskaya metro station will look like

Passengers can change at Sheremetyevskaya station to Maryina Roshcha on the Lyublinsko-Dmitrovskaya Line.
05 October 2018

A terrace on the water, an amphitheater and secret gardens: landscape of the new park "On the Embankment" at the ZIL

On the territory of the former Moscow Automotive Society — Likhachov Plant (ZIL) a new park will be created. Its length is four kilometers with the total area of more than 18 hectares.
01 October 2018

Marc Chagall Embankment will have a floating pool

The new residential complex already has a newly developed park.
27 September 2018

Sergey Kuznetsov to design opera ‘Magic Flute’ for Helikon-opera

Helikon-opera will put on four premiers in the 29th season, they are: The Magic Flute, Orlando, Bluebeard, and Mr. Georg Ots. The Golden Cockerel will open the season.
24 September 2018

Three finalists of the competition for creation of eco-district in Kazan were chosen

The first preliminary phase of Open International Competition for creation of the concept and master plan of eco-district in Kazan, chaired by President of the Republic of Tatarstan Rustam Minnikhanov, finished on 22 August.
24 September 2018

The unique concert hall Zaryadye opened in Moscow

The grand opening of the Moscow concert hall Zaryadye designed by TPO Rezerv coincided with the 871st anniversary of the Russian capital.
11 September 2018

A 3D façade imitating a cabin in the woods: What other unusual fitness and wellness centres will be built in Moscow

Fitness and wellness centres in the constructivist and futurist style will be built in Moscow.
10 September 2018

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