Moscow Stations won’t be Relocated Outside the City

Moscow is to get railway networks — the type of intra-urban transport which is not typical of the capital.
15 November 2017

Manifesto in Architecture: the Theme of 3rd Day of Creative Environment and Urban Planning Section

Artists, filmmakers, architects and developers will meet at the venue of Creative Environment and Urban Planning Section of the VI St. Petersburg Cultural Forum to discuss the future of architecture.
14 November 2017

Moskino to show film adaptations of plays starring Jude Law and Daniel Radcliffe

The shows will take place at the Yunost and Zvezda cinemas.
13 November 2017

Sergey Kuznetsov: One Needs to Adapt to Local Specifics

The Chief Architect of Moscow, Sergey Kuznetsov, will again host the section Creative Environment and Urbanism at the St. Petersburg Cultural Forum
13 November 2017

Kommunarka Public Spaces to Set Benchmark for Development in next 20 years

There was a working meeting of the contestants that got to the second stage of the open international architectural competition for the best conceptual project for the complex of public urban spaces in New Moscow.
12 November 2017

Commercial creativity: The new image of former industrial zones

In the past, these factory floors bustled with activity, as their workers bottled wine, manufactured vacuum gauges and generated electricity for the first city trams.
07 November 2017

Moscow to launch large new transport project

The city is planning to launch a large new transport project.
02 November 2017

Moscow Zoo to be given new pedestrian bridge

The new bridge will be twice as wide, with two entrances and exits on each side, and heated stairs.
01 November 2017

Construction fence around Zaryadye Park has been removed

The construction fence around Zaryadye Park has been removed, and the park is now accessible around the clock from any side.
30 October 2017

Yulia Zubarik: Renovation is the future for building construction in Moscow

Concepts for the five experimental renovation sites will be presented in November, and now
18 October 2017

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