Metro Stations Sheremetyevskaya, Rzhevskaya, Stromynka

International competition for Development of the Architectural and Artistic Concept of Moscow Metro Stations
15.11.2016 – 04.04.2017

The South Sea Pearl Eco-island

International competition to design the masterplan and flagship buildings for South Sea Pearl Eco-Island
The competition has finished

Transforming the Grey Belt

Competition to develop a transformation concept of the historical industrial area of Saint-Petersburg, so-called ‘Grey Belt’
The competition has finished

IT Technopark Sberbank

Customized international competition for the concept of IT Technopark Sberbank of Russia in the Innovation Center SKOLKOVO
The competition has finished

Nizhniye Mnevniki and Terekhovo Metro Stations

Architectural and Design Competition for Moscow Metro Stations Nizhniye Mnevniki and Terekhovo
The competition has finished

Sofia Embankment

International architectural competition for concept of the multifunctional complex development on the Sofiyskaya Embankment
The competition has finished

Kaban lake system embankments

Open competition for the development of the Kaban lake system embankments
The competition has finished

Your embankment at «River Park»

International contest for "River Park residential complex" riverfront concept (master-plan)
The competition has finished

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