Chief Architect

The Chief Architect of Moscow is responsible for the functions of the Committee on the implementation of state policy in the sphere of supporting the development of Moscow in terms of urban planning, including land use planning, urban development zoning, land planning, as well as in the field of architecture and the formation of architectural and artistic image of the city of Moscow, urban-architectural solutions, issuance of the certificate of approval of architectural and urban planning resolution. The Chief Architect of Moscow coordinates the activities of the Committee in the fields of public relations and international cooperation, oversees the preparation of documents and the Committee’s participation in the public hearings.

In 2012, Sergey Kuznetsov was appointed to the post of Chief Architect. Sergey Kuznetsov was born in Moscow in 1977. In 2001, he graduated from the Moscow Institute of Architecture trained as an architect. Still during his studies at the Institute, Sergey Kuznetsov founded his first bureau and since 2000 he was one of the founding partners and the general director of the architectural studio “SLK-Project.” Since 2003 he was partner and general director of this studio. In 2006, the studio joined the association “SPEECH Tchoban & Kuznetsov,” and until 2012 Sergey Kuznetsov was the managing partner.

Of the bureau’s projects, a number of significant designs were realized: Palace of Water Sports in Kazan and the Museum of Architectural Drawings in Berlin. The office building on Leninsky Prospekt in Moscow received the status of “5 stars” in the nomination of “Best office building.” The residential complex “Granatniy, 6” received the status of “Highly Commended” in the category “Apartment buildings.”

In 2010, Sergey Kuznetsov co-authored the project and design of the exhibition “Factory Russia” of the Russian pavilion at the XII Architecture Biennale in Venice. In 2012, at the XIII Architecture Biennale in Venice, he was the co-curator and co-author of the design of the Russian Pavilion’s exhibition “i-city/i-land”, which received the prize “special mention” from the Biennale jury.

By order of the Mayor of Moscow № 681-RM on 20 August 2012 Sergey Kuznetsov was appointed as the Chief Architect of Moscow, the First Deputy Chairman of the Committee for Architecture and Urban Planning of Moscow.

He is married and has three children.


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