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от 15 May 2017

ZIL to become one of the most comprehensively developed city districts

15 May 2017

This redeveloped industrial area will accommodate theatres, a museum centre, a concert hall, a school and kindergartens.

The ZIL industrial zone is currently undergoing comprehensive redevelopment. “This huge and once decaying district is becoming an area of active economic and construction development. We are now building housing here and are completing a sport cluster; and roads, streets, parks and an embankment are also being built here,” Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin said, while inspecting the massive redevelopment project at the former ZIL Likhachev Automotive Plant industrial area.

The final programme for developing the ZIL industrial zone was drafted with due consideration for nearby districts. “In effect, an average Russian city with a population of 77,000 will be built here. Instead of simply a residential area, this is, indeed, a comprehensive city where technology parks, offices, neighbourhoods, cultural centres and green areas will be created. This will become one of the best and most comprehensively developed territories in the city,” Mr Sobyanin added.

The former ZIL Automotive Plant is in the city’s Danilovsky District, and is bounded by Avtozavodskaya Street, Simonovskaya Embankment and Prospekt Andropova.

The Moscow General Planning Research and Development Institute designed the redevelopment concept together with the architectural bureau Meganom Project. Called ZIL Peninsula, this concept is to create a new city district with housing, social and public business facilities. For example, the Park of Legends sports and entertainment facility will be built here.

ZIL will receive modern transport infrastructure, and the area, including the Moskva River embankments, will be heavily landscaped. In all, 6.4 million square metres of buildings will be built here and in adjacent areas, including 4.7 million square metres in the ZIL area.

The city decided to move forward with this project in 2013, and construction was launched that same year.

ZIL roads

To make ZIL’s residential and public areas more accessible, the city is building new streets and motorways with a total route length of over 30 kilometres.

The central motorway with an overpass spanning the Moscow Central Circle (MCC) railway will be the largest road structure. It will handle most traffic and will reduce congestion on the embankment and some local streets.

 The innovative ZIL embankments with two bridges over the Novinki and Kozhukhovsky boat-yards will be located far away from the water-front. This will make it possible to establish high-quality public space with leisure areas and promenades near the river. The programme also includes rebuilding the Krutitskaya and Simonovskaya embankments linking the new district with central Moscow.


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