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от 20 April 2017

ZIL park construction to start in May

20 April 2017

Construction of a new ZIL park is due to be launched in May and completed in the autumn of this year. The new green zone measuring 10 square hectares will become a leisure spot for Muscovites, especially for residents of the Danilovsky District of the Southern Administrative Area. It is estimated that the park will have around 15,000 visitors every day at the weekends, and by over 5,000 people on weekdays.

The park will be constructed in the northern part of the former Likhachyov Plant territory between Lisitskogo and Arkhitektora Leonidova streets.

“The place used to be occupied by the plant’s shops and outdoor warehouses. Soon there will be over 700 trees and 2,000 shrubs, flower beds, benches, pedestrian and cycling lanes,” Moscow Deputy Mayor for Housing and Utilities Pyotr Biryukov told mos.ru.

The park will be next to the blocks of flats that are being built on the ZIL territory, and the former is meant to separate these houses from the Moscow Central Circle. The new park will be within walking distance of the ZIL station.


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