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от 25 April 2017

Moscow chief architect unveils prospects of wooden housing construction

25 April 2017

Wooden house building has great potential both in Russia in general and Moscow in particular, the chief architect of Moscow, Sergei Kuznetsov, said on Tuesday.

“Wood is a great building material. Unfortunately, its use is underdeveloped, although Russia is one of the world’s main keepers of this resource. I believe that in the future, wood as a construction material has excellent prospects”, Sergei Kuznetsov stressed.

He noted that in Russia there is no modern technological base for wooden house building in large volumes.

“Establishing a technological base and logistics will require some time, but, in my opinion, in the future, this sector will develop actively”, - Kuznetsov added.

Earlier, the head of the Industry and Commerce Ministry of Russia, Denis Manturov, announced that Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin had agreed to carry out an experiment with the wooden houses construction.

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