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от 19 July 2016

Kremlin Embankment construction progresses as scheduled

19 July 2016
West 8

The streetscape design of Kremlin Embankment (Kremlevskaya nab.) of Tverskaya Street, from the Mokhovaya Street to Pushkinskaya Square is currently being developed by West 8.

West 8 has been involved in the design of the Kremlin Embankment and Tverskaya Street revitalisation projects with local partner Strelka KB since the spring of 2016. Both projects are now entering the peak of its execution phase and will approach completion in November 2016.

On 6-7th of July Adriaan Geuze chaired the jury committee for the international open concept design competition to transform the streetscape of Tverskoy District in Central Moscow. The design team of the Tveskaya Street Revitalisation, with Adriaan Geuze appointed as Chief Architect, have started to design also the station plaza. This jury session is meant to constructively define a unified profile of the Tverskaya Boulevard and some other parts of Central Moscow in the area that are undergoing the same renewal scheme.

In the evening of 6th Geuze presented to the audience in Moscow City also a lecture titled ‘Nature as part of Urban Landscape’ at Strelka Institute. Recent projects of West 8 such as New Holland Island in St. Petersburg and Governors Island of New York were showcased, demonstrating how West 8 has been adding elements of nature in contemporary landscape, reframing contemporary culture, urban identity, architecture and public space.



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