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от 24 April 2017

From ruins to art: new museum space opens in central Moscow

24 April 2017

A renovated city estate annex becomes both an architecture landmark and avenue for exhibitions. A new museum has opened at the annex of the Talyzin City Estate which has undergone lengthy renovation. It will be used by the Shchyusev State Museum of Architecture.

The annex was nicknamed ‘ruins’ due to its complicated history and the state that it was in before being restored. The building is one of those few that can tell its own detailed history. The brickwork preserves the memory of its construction stages and further fate.

Originally, the place was meant to be a coach house together with a stable However, late in the 19th century, the annex was expanded and turned into a government office, and later occupied by a research institute. In the 1930s, the metro was built below the city estate but the building miraculously stayed intact. Trains really do run below its floors.

In the 1990s, the building was damaged by fire, which gave it its current name. The ‘ruins’ have been run-down up until recently.


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