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от 05 April 2017

Company that built Disneyland Paris to create new amusement park at VDNKh

05 April 2017

The first section of Park of the Future will be built in the southern area of VDNKh. All structures of historical significance will be fully preserved.

An Italian company, Pizzarotti I.E., has won a tender for the construction of Moscow’s first year-round amusement park, Park of the Future at VDNKh. This is the same company that built Disneyland Paris, said Natalya Sergunina, Moscow Deputy Mayor for Economic Policy and Property and Land Relations.

The tender was announced on 6 March. Details of the purchase were published on the same day at the Smart City pavilion.

«Moscow is one of the world’s largest megacities and one of the leading tourist centres. Such high-status projects as Park of the Future at VDNKh are investments into further development. I mean both in terms of the capital’s image, its tourist appeal and budget revenues. According to our estimates, the park will bring in 2.3 billion roubles in annual profit. The fact that a company ranking among the world’s top market players took part in an open tender shows that international businesspeople remain as keen on Moscow as before,» the deputy mayor said.

The tender was open to companies from across the world. Three companies submitted their bids: Italian Pizzarotti I.E. and two Russian companies — Snabtsentr and Developer Building.

The bidders were judged by their experience in construction and amusement park creation.

The Italian company, in addition to Disneyland Paris, has in its portfolio several Manhattan buildings in New York, the Tel Aviv-Jerusalem high-speed railway in Israel, metro lines in Paris, and several railway tunnels in Switzerland. Besides, it was the contractor of a port expansion project in Monaco and was chosen to build a station connecting the high-speed railway terminal with the metro terminal at Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris.

According to preliminary estimates, the Moscow amusement park will bring in around 2.3 billion roubles in annual profit. Its recoupment period is 10 years. The park’s first section, once it opens, is expected to draw 2 million people per year. VDNKh currently has 25 million visitors annually. This figure may grow to 40 million in the future. Tickets to the park will cost from 300 roubles. There will be a system of discounts for certain categories of visitors.

The first section of Park of the Future will sprawl over 17.3 hectares in the southern area of VDNKh. All structures of historical significance (KRUGOVAYA (Round) Panorama, Young Engineers Pavilion, the former Khleb (Bread) shop and others) will be fully preserved during the construction.



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