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от 18 May 2017

Nearly 100 new-series residential buildings to be built in two years

18 May 2017

Construction of the buildings in several Moscow districts is being co-financed by private investors and the city. The flats have open plans, and ground floors in the buildings are to be set aside for shops and cafes.

In 2017 and 2018, 96 new-series residential buildings will be built in Moscow, said Head of the Department for Urban Development Sergei Lyovkin. They are currently under construction in Nekrasovka, Beskudniki and Dmitrovsky districts, Vykhino-Zhulebino, as well as the Troitsky and Novomoskovsky administrative areas.

Mr Lyovkin said that 72 of these buildings are being financed by private investors, while the remaining 24 LSR and DOMMOS series buildings are being financed by the city.

The construction of 23 buildings is complete; 11 of them were financed by the city and 12 by private developers.

New requirements on residential buildings in Moscow were adopted in 2015. Following the modernisation of housing manufacturers in 2016, the city authorities prohibited the construction of residential buildings based on obsolete designs.

The new-series buildings can be built on any land plots in different combinations. Heights can vary from six to 17 floors and buildings can be laid out in various configurations. A variety of façade designs is stipulated for these projects, all of which can accommodate air conditioning units.

The buildings have open-plan flats, and the number of flats can differ from floor to floor. Public spaces, such as shops, cafes, consumer services centres and the like, will be located on the ground floor. The buildings will be barrier-free, with minimal difference between the floor levels in the building entrance and in the hall, wide doorways, ramps, sound cues, tactile walking surfaces and the like.


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