IV International Contest of Architectural Drawing “ArchiGraphics”: Submissions Started

04 October 2016

Website (a group of web-sites, Sergey Tchoban Foundation — a Museum for architectural drawing and the main architect of Moscow Sergey Kuznetsov invite the architects and artists drawing architecture to represent their graphic freehand works in four nominated categories.

  • Drawing from nature;
  • Architectural fantasy;
  • A drawing to the project;
  • Special nomination “Moscow: Genius of place”

Participation in contest is allowed for both the professionals, and the students of creative universities of an age of 14 or older. Participation is free of charge.


Total prize fund of a contest declared by the contest organizers amounts to 100 000 rubles. It may be handed over to the author of the best work in any nominated category as a Grand-Prix, or, by the decision of the Jury, divided among several authors.

A contest news — a Special prize from Sergey Tchoban Foundation — a Museum for architectural drawing in a nominated category “Architectural phantasy”: the author of one of the best works will have the opportunity to visit an exhibition of the Museum.

For the winner in a nomination category “Moscow: Genius of place” a special prize from its curator is provided — the main architect of Moscow Sergey Kuznetsov.

Contest stages

The contest comprises two stages. The first tour is disclosed in internet-format: admission board considers the materials loaded by the participants in electronic format to the web-site of the contest and publishes the admitted applications. After moderation the Jury is forming the long- and short-lists.

At the second tour the Jury makes an assessment of the originals of works included into short-list.

The jury

The chairman of the Jury — Sergey Tchoban, the founder of the Foundation of architectural drawing Tchoban Foundation Museum for Architectural Drawing, the chief partner of the bureau SPEECH (Russia, Moscow) and nps tchoban voss (Germany, Berlin).

  • Sergey Kuznetsov, a curator of the nominated category “Moscow: Genius of place” —Chief Architect of Moscow
  • Maxim Atayants, an architect, a founder and leader of “Workshop of Maxim Atayants”
  • Mikhail Philippov, an architect, a founder and leader of “Workshop Mikhail Filippov”
  • Minoru Nomata, an artist (Japan, Tokyo)
  • Sergey Estrin, an architect, a founder and owner of “Sergey Estrin architectural studio” (Russia, Moscow)
  • Andrey Chernikhov, an architect, a founder of “Andrey Chernikhov Architecture and Design studio”


Work acceptance: until December 20, 2016 inclusive
Correction and review of rejected applications:

until December 30 (inclusively for works, sent for moderation until December 15)

Termination of moderation (consideration of all the received applications): until December 30, 2016 inclusive
Publication of long-list at the contest web-site: until January 25, 2017
Publication of short-list at the contest web-site: until February 1, 2017
Originals review: March-April 2017
Termination of viewer voting: date of termination will be additionally reported
Declaring the winners and Awarding Ceremony: date and place will be additionally reported

Contest online-medium:

Before works loading it is necessary to attentively get acquainted with the terms of the section of the chosen nominated categories!

Contest organizer: web-site (Web-site group
Contest program partners: Sergey Tchoban Foundation — a Museum for architectural drawing
Contest strategic partners: LAUFEN (Roca Group company), Forbo
Media sponsors: Web portals ARСHI.RU; The Architectural Council of Moscow, magazines speech, PROJECT BALTIA, TATLIN

Images: Archplatforma


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