Heneghan Peng Architects win contest on best project for the State Centre of Modern Art

23 December 2013

The Moscow Committee for Architecture and Urban Development announced that an Irish architectural bureau — Heneghan Peng Architects — has won the contest for the architectural concept of the new building of the State Centre of Modern Art on Khodynskoye Pole. The centre’s Board of Trustees made a final decision on 23 December.

Members of the jury believe that the concept presented by the Irish firm is based on an interesting architectural solution and has a bright and memorable image that can turn the area into a new treasured Moscow sight. Under the project, the future building will be a vertical element in the centre of the Khodynskoye Pole area, rising above the spot where an airfield used to be located. Exhibition spaces are projected as galleries located one above another. The vertical organisation of space will allow visitors to get to the required floor without walking the entire length of the building.


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