Atrium Architects Design New Learning Commons

29 July 2019
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Russian practice Atrium Architects and Vostok+ have designed a new learning commons and public space in Yakutsk, the world’s largest city built on continuous permafrost, said Archdaily.

Sited in the Republic of Sakha, the design is part of the largest administrative-territorial unit in the world with a territory of more than 3 million square kilometers in the far east of Russia. Building in a region known for diamonds and extreme climate, the project reinterprets Yakutsk’s unique culture atop the frost.

As the team outlines, Yakutsk is experiencing an acute shortage of public educational urban spaces where people can comfortably spend time all year round, socialize and develop creatively. Proposing an urban park centered on education, the design combines the functions of a park and the citywide event center to focus on the development of the Yakut youth. On the territory of 2.4 hectares, a system of outdoor and indoor spaces has been created in which universal exhibition spaces, a conference hall, coworking centers, training centers and other spaces for personal development are placed.

Along the site are arranged private schools of supplementary education to free sites provided to young startups for the realization of their products and inventions. Training spaces are actively combined with entertainment and recreational functions, as well as integrated into the natural environment and landscaping. In the park there are opportunities for sports and open air events. The space is open to residents and visitors of all ages, accommodating a range of activities and spaces for different groups.

The spatial concept is based on the reflection of the Yakut landscape and national cultural identity. The prototype for the open spaces was the nature of Yakutia with its thawed lakes, meandering rivers and permafrost crystals. The architectural concept is based on the modern rethinking of the ancient Yakut epic, cultural images, symbols and ornaments, and also visually reinterprets the typology of the traditional Yakut dwelling. Advanced technologies and climate control systems create a comfortable outdoor environment all year long, while a program of public involvement in the life of the park ensures its successful year-round operation.

The project is scheduled for completion in 2022.

Images: Atrium Architects



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