ZIL Residential Buildings to Have Brick Facades

10 August 2016

There is a common rule for all residential buildings in ZIL area — at least 70 percent of the facades should be made of clinker brick, says the Chief Architect of Moscow Sergey Kuznetsov. Each architect, involved in this project, has a chance to create his type of brick.

Various architectural teams are engaged into designing of Zil residential buildings, and the lots situated at the same area are divided between them, says Sergey Kuznetsov. In this way, one can reach natural diversity which is typical for urban environment. At the same time all designers should stick to the common rules of the design-code developed by Project Meganom Bureau, which is coordinating the whole project.

“Rules for the facades in the design-code require the height of the first floors in the residential buildings to be six meters, and the ratio of glazing along show windows line at least 60 percent, — says Kuznetsov. — Facing material is also regulated: 70 percent of the facades should be made of bricks in red and grey tones, and 30 percent — at the architects’ discretion, for example, of natural stone, metal, matt-surfaced glass or Corten steel”.

Lot No. 5. Residential compound. Tsimailo, Lyashenko and Partners

As to the architecture, ZIL development project may become a place for experiments, according to Kuznetsov. Along with Russian company RAUF, each architect within a framework of common concept can “make” his own brick with the desired surface and color.
According to the design code, all residential compounds should have an urban façade, overlooking the red line, added Kuznetsov. Parts of the facades may be deepened at the level of the ground floor, where they are cut, and in such way they form a space in front of the public facilities that will be protected against adverse weather conditions.

“In fact, at ZIL we are creating an urban space afresh. No wonder that Mayor of Moscow Sergey Sobyanin called this project a mini-city in the heart of megacity. The experience, the strict design phasing from the master concept to objects, the curator’s approach to the development of the architectural space let us hope for a good result and for an opportunity to build a new urban district with unique aesthetic characteristics”.

Lot No.6 “SPEECh” LLC

Lot No. 4 “Mezonproject” LLC

Images: In the front: Lot No.6 "SPEECh" LLC


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