Watercolors by Sergey Kuznetsov Raised Almost 4 Million Rubles at Charity Auction

24 December 2020
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The charitable auction, initiated by Chief Architect of Moscow Sergey Kuznetsov, raised over 4 million rubles. The money will be directed to the Here and Now Foundation, which helps orphans.

At the charity auction, which was organized by Literary Fund and took place on December 19, 34 lots were put up for sale. The works of Chief Architect of Moscow Sergey Kuznetsov and those of the finalists of ArchiGraphicArts International Competition of Architectural Drawings were presented at the auction.

The total amount of sales was 4,260,000 rubles. Twenty-five works by Sergey Kuznetsov were sold for a total of 3,985,000 rubles. The participants showed the greatest interest in the painting «St. Paul’s Cathedral, London» painted in watercolor in 2018, its final price was 380,000 rubles.

«I would like to thank everyone who joined our charity event. The idea turned out to be very successful, we raised over 4 million rubles, which will go to the Here and Now Foundation. And I think that such auctions could be held regularly in the future,» noted Sergey Kuznetsov.

«The results of this auction are absolutely stunning for me! I am very grateful to Sergey, first of all, and to all those people who supported us by buying his paintings, and to the organizers, of course. It is very important for me that these are not just direct donations for the work of the foundation, but that they came to us through people’s love to art, that is, to beauty. The collected amount will support us greatly in the coming year, a detailed report on the allocation of funds for all programs of the fund will be available on our website,» said the director of the Here and Now Foundation Tatiana Tulchinskaya.

The works that were auctioned were dedicated to the image of urban landscapes, in particular, iconic megacities of Moscow, Paris, London, New York. The auctioneer was an expert of the auction business and President of Alexander Kislevsky. It was on this platform that the online broadcast of the trading took place.

Independent charitable foundation for helping orphans Here and Now helps children in orphanages, boarding schools and children’s homes; graduates of orphanages; foster families, including those who have become wards of children with special needs; and families at risk. The Foundation develops comprehensive social service programs and provides targeted assistance.

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