Vnukovo-3 domestic airlines terminal to be reconstructed

25 February 2019
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The domestic airlines terminal of the Vnukovo-3 center of business aviation (CBA) is to be reconstructed. According to the Chief Architect of Moscow Sergey Kuznetsov, the renovated business terminal will have a larger area and higher level of comfort.

“The air terminal will be carried out in the contemporary style and will blend nicely enough into the surrounding area. The authors of the project decided to make an active use of cladding panels and stained-glass windows which will distinguish the building from other terminals”, Sergey Kuznetsov said.

He added that Vnukovo Airport is growing rapidly, and as mentioned before by the Mayor of Moscow Sergey Sobyanin, it will be the only airport in the country with its own rapid transit system.

“The new terminal will be able to improve the quality of service allowing for a heavy passenger traffic which has increased considerably since the commissioning of the old terminal, and will generally make Vnukovo-3 more attractive in the eyes of prospective clients. The reconstruction will also favor strong market positions of business aviation and better public image of Vnukovo Airport”, observed Georgiy Sharov, the managing director of the Center of Business Aviation, JSC.

A landing site with helicopter parking places is planned to be built near the to-be-reconstructed terminal on the CBA territory, which will improve transportation of business aviation passengers to Vnukovo-3 terminals.

The reconstructed terminal will serve primarily domestic flights. At the same time it will meet all the safety requirements and will operate as a fully functional runway departure point for passengers. The total area of the renovated terminal will be over 1 thousand sq. m. The terminal is located at the following address: Borovskoye highway, estate 1, building 2.

It should me reminded that Vnukovo-3 is the largest center of business aviation in Europe, providing a full range of ground handling services without involving third-party companies. It has a well-developed infrastructure, two VIP terminals, parking lots, and a well-planned closely guarded territory. The airport apron and hangar complexes allow to receive and carry out maintenance of more than 250 aircraft simultaneously. At present, the CBA Vnukovo-3 complex is the only holder of IS-BAH Stage II Certificate in Russia.

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