Velikan Cinema at Gorky Park can be reconstructed within one year

21 January 2019
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Velikan cinema at Gorky Park can be reconstructed within one year. As a part of the project the architects suggest the restoration of historical facade and preservation of the construction framework of the building, told Chief Architect of Moscow Sergey Kuznetsov.

On commission from Gorky Park architectural bureau Kleinewelt Architekten developed the project of restoration of the building of the 1930s. During the Great Patriotic War, the bomb hit the building.

 “The project is completed, physically all works can be finished within one year. This is an example of gentle treatment to historical heritage of the city. The architects won’t touch walls or existing beams. Herewith, the concept includes many functions which, without doubt, will make this place fashionable and attractive again,” – noted Sergey Kuznetsov.

On the roof the architects propose to organize a sky deck with amphitheater and small bar, inside there will be a cinema hall for 180 seats and multipurpose space for 88 people. The foyer will have a café and winter garden. All floors will be connected by multilayer gallery with zones for co-working, workshops, and exhibitions. There are also provided some zones for temporary exhibitions in the atrium. Total space of the site will make 3,811 sq.m.

As a part of the project the historical façade is also to be restored and the framework of the building – a net of columns and beams system – to be preserved. Walls of the building to be made in light colours. Moreover, the terrace with the access to the Moskva River embankment. It will be possible to get there through the foyer.

“The main idea is to preserve the remains of every stage of the development of the building, to show the guests layering of all this stages, and also to organize visual link between the embankment and the park through the foyer of the cinema,” - added Sergey Kuznetsov.

"The combination of such a cultural function related to the movie, plus there you can just spend time admiring the river while being at the park. There will be zones for co-working, for cafes and for brain storm office - that is, there will be some places where you can just come and conduct business negotiations. Then there will be a library, several cafes, it will be a very interesting format, which in Moscow is simply nonexistent now. It will be a kind of a new, important point on the map of Moscow. In addition, it will be profitable from the economic point of view; we have provided everything for this. " – marked one of the authors of the concept Nikolay Pereslegin.

"Now, to get down to the river, you need either to walk along a narrow passage, or bypass the building. Therefore, we decided to open the now brick-lined openings to the water, from where one will be able to see the Moskva River. In the place where the bomb fell, trees grow: we decided not to cut them down, but, on the contrary, to break out the garden in the middle of the building. Between the floors the ramp passes as a spiral, and, passing through it, you can examine each piece of the wall. At the top there will be a glass roof through which natural light will penetrate," – added architect of Kleinewelt Architekten bureau Georgiy Trofimov.

Images: Gorky Park | Velikan cinema | reconstruction


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