Urban villa-style housing to launch in Moscow

03 April 2019
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Combining townhouse architecture with the atmosphere of Italian country residences, the 17 Stories project in central Moscow aims to create homes that work together around an inner garden, yet maintain their own identity. 

The geometry of the site is built on rotating the 17 buildings at different angles, to enhance the uniqueness of each villa and create a sense of privacy.

The variety in heights of the buildings gives the urban space an interesting skyline, and different lighting of the courtyard space. 

All 17 buildings form private terraces from the city front and, from the inner park, each building also has its own terrace with its own history. 

On the terraces are located art objects, trees, outdoor seating and recreation areas, while on the first floor of each villa, open verandas are inspired by Florentine living. 

The courtyard garden includes natural turf, gravel and matt granite across its terraces, paths, squares and green areas.

The project features six facades, with the variability achieved through individual detailing, plastic features a combination of arched and rectangular windows. 

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Images: WALL


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