Two Office Towers to be Built in Dubininskaya Street

04 May 2022
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A public and business complex with an underground three-level parking lot will be built in Dubininskaya Street, 39-41. It will consist of two rectangular towers 25 floors high, united by a two-story stylobate. This was announced by Chief Architect of Moscow, First Deputy Chairman of Moscow Committee for Architecture Sergey Kuznetsov.

“Strict rectangular towers are complemented by an elegant rounding, which gives them a streamlined look. The volumes of the buildings are assembled into ribbons two stories high, each of which consists of glass bay windows placed at a slight angle. In some places, the ribbons smoothly step back and form terraces,” Sergey Kuznetsov said.

 The stylobate, on the contrary, is an integral space with alternating curved glass and stemalite. Light-colored metal panels are also used in the decoration. Ventilation equipment on the roof will be covered with metal lamellas.

The entrance lobbies will be connected by a gallery with shops and cafes, and atriums have been designed above them. On the second floor there will be a fitness center with a 2,000 sq.m swimming pool, and offices above. The total area of the complex will be about 100 thousand sq.m.

One will be able to get into the buildings from Dubininskaya Street and from Zhukov Passage. A pedestrian alley will run along the southern facade, where recreation areas with pergola awnings will be located.

Designed by ABD OOO.

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