‘The Moscow River Age’ in Milan

06 March 2019
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At the XXII Triennale di Milano, the Russian Pavilion received the third prize and the Wax Bee Award for its ‘The Moscow River Age’ exhibition. The concept and design were developed by the ‘Friends of the Moscow river’ society and Meganom architectural agency  with the support of Moscow Institute of Architecture.

The main subject of this year’s Triennale is ‘Broken Nature: Design Takes on Human Survival’. “The global-scale problems cannot be solved by one branch of science: be it natural science, technologies, or politics. Only joint efforts will give us a chance for improvement”, says the author of the exhibition, Paola Antonelli, the senior curator of the Architecture and Design Department of  the New York City Museum of Modern Art.

“The idea of the project emerged from the general theme of the exhibition – Broken Nature: Design Takes on Human Survival. At the root of the Broken Nature theme, the curatorial team of Paola Antonelli has put the idea of restorative design – an approach and design method which can help us try to influence the ecological crisis on the planet Earth. With ‘The Moscow River Age’ project we wanted to emphasize that in existing conditions we should first engage in changing views on nature, and only then put our minds to design tasks. We offer the history of changes in the perception of the river – from admiration to enslavement, from pollution to examination, from  acceptance to cooperation, and, eventually, friendship and love”, told us one of the curators of ‘The Moscow River Age’ project, the Meganom agency architect, Anna Kamyshan.

In the course of an open competition, which took place this winter, a discussion platform was created, where all potential ‘Friends of the Moscow river’ had the opportunity to express their opinion. Not only architects were invited to participate in the discussion, but also, as noted by the hosts of the event, “everyone who thinks about the way to free the river from its “economic resource” fate of a slave”.

“During the open competition we collected the ideas which the participants sent us in short texts – essays. The texts and artifacts presented at the exhibition showing the contestants’ ideas were created in the process of collaboration with the curators,” explained Anna Kamyshan.

The authors and curators of the project are Yuriy Grigoryan, Anna Kamyshan, Taisiya Osipova, Sergey Sitar, Yelena Uglovskaya, Yuriy Kuznetsov. The coordinator – Bogdan Perich.

Contributors to the exhibition: Anna Bouali, Ivan Shpak, Pavel Kiselev, Yuliya Tarnavskaya, Lev Kats, Anna Shirokova-Koens, Ivan Stepanenko, Archimatika, Yana Aliaskarova, Anna Andronova, Aleksandra Budayeva, Konstantin Budarin, CITIZENSTUDIO, Ilya Davydov, Zhanna Dikaya, Aleksandra Dyachenko, Brian Evans, Mariya Fedorova, Mikhail Fedotov, Polina Filipova, Arsen Khairov, Marina Khrustaleva, Anastasiya Kizilova, Boris Kondakov, Olga Konyukhova, Vladislav Lulikovskiy, Tatevik Mamyan, Nataliya Melnikova, Edouard Moreau, Rustam Nasriddinov-Bitson,  SAGA, Yuriy Saprykin, Yegor Shchurov, Irina Shmeleva, Alisa Silantyeva, Yegor Oglov, Margarita Podgornaya, Sergey Topunov, Aleksandr Zinovyev.

The exhibition will run until September 1. Additional information can be found on the Triennale website.

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