To honor 20th Anniversary of Astana, VDNH opened the Kazakhstan pavilion after restoration

10 July 2018
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Today, with the participation of the Chief Architect of Moscow Sergey Kuznetsov and Genplan Institute of Moscow delegation, the restored pavilion No.11 Kazakhstan at VDNH has been opened. Also, an architectural exhibition dedicated to the anniversary of Astana has been launched in pavilion No.75.

In the course of restoration of the pavilion upon the 1954 project, the historical façade, the interior, and the sculptural compositions were completely restored, the granite staircase at the entrance has been reconstructed, and the glass dome over the central exhibition hall has been recreated. The restoration of the pavilion has not been completely finished yet, but it is at its final stage.

The exhibition in pavilion No.75 has four sections dedicated to the history of Astana, its present urban-planning condition, landmarks, as well as its investment in potential and prospective future development plans. The exhibition features layouts, stands, photographs, sketches, interactive materials, and presentations, as well as the municipal and private construction projects.

Chief Architect of Moscow Sergey Kuznetsov participated in the International Conference on Urban-Planning and Architectural Policy of Astana. The experts discussed achievements of the Kazakh capital in the recent years, its potential for the widespread Russian and international community.

Moreover, guests and visitors of VDNH could take part in the cultural programme, including musical performances, the fair of the folk art, and a stylized Kazakh settlement showing the ancient steppe traditions.

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