The unique concert hall Zaryadye opened in Moscow

11 September 2018
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The grand opening of the Moscow concert hall Zaryadye designed by TPO Rezerv coincided with the 871st anniversary of the Russian capital. A concert by the Mariinsky Theater Symphony Orchestra conducted by Valery Gergiev was the first to perform on the new stage.

«I am glad to welcome everyone in the Moscow Concert Hall. Today it opens with a performance of world-class musicians and the Mariinsky Theater Symphony Orchestra. This is a real gift to the residents and guests of our capital on the city anniversary day,» said Russian President Vladimir Putin before the concert.

The President, speaking of the new concert hall, called it the heart and soul of the Zaryadye Park. «This hall is designed to become the heart and soul of the unique park in the very heart of our capital, to emphasize the special image of Moscow and all of Russia; it symbolizes the historic pride of our people and, at the same time, their desire to create new things,» said Putin.

The head of state pointed out that the concert hall Zaryadye and the namesake park, being close to the key monuments of the history of Moscow and Russia, smoothly intertwined with the architectural ensemble of the historical center. At the same time, they are examples of advanced technologies applied to modern construction.

«The name Zaryadye itself is a very beautiful and very old name, an ancient word. Right next to it are the Red Square and the great monuments of the past and the holy churches, inspiring our famous compatriots, our outstanding composers. Modest Mussorgsky dedicated his amazingly beautiful prelude Dawn on the Moscow River to Zaryadye: the piece reflects the rise and development, the dawn of Russia. Today it will be played in this wonderful hall built with the help of world’s most advanced technological, technical, and architectural achievements. Zaryadye, in the full sense of the word, is the musical complex of the future. All those who participated in this remarkable project worked for the benefit of Muscovites,» underlined the president.

Among the architectural features of the Zaryadye Concert Hall are the design of its façade and roof. A part of the façade is integrated into the landscape of the park. The building is covered with a most technically complex see-through structure, the Glass Crust that has an observation deck offering a panoramic view. The concert hall of the Zaryadye Park is a multifunctional world-class music venue.

The main concert events will take place in the large hall, which seats 1600 people. Unique engineering solutions make it possible to completely transform the parterre of the large hall into a flat surface in just 40 minutes. It allows hosting not only concerts but also other events. All the equipment of the scene is hidden in the ceiling. The shape of the large hall provides a perfect sound from any location. The sound solutions were designed by the world’s best experts from the Japanese company Nagata Acoustics led by the legendary acoustician Yasuhisa Toyota.

The hall is lined with specially manufactured acoustic panels made of mahogany wood: the best material for sound reverberation and reflection. The concert hall Zaryadye has one of the largest — with 85 registers — pipe organs in Russia and Europe. The organ was manually assembled in France with traditional techniques and was designed specifically for the large concert hall Zaryadye. It will be ready for performing after the final adjustments and tuning, in 2019. The small hall Zaryadye is designed for rehearsals of the Great Symphony Orchestra, as well as for public small productions, chamber concerts and solo performances. It seats 400 people.

The building has space for unloading large sets of up to 6 meters high. Two long trucks can enter the loading area at the same time. It also has its own professional recording studio. The Concert Hall also has two external venues: the large and the small amphitheaters for 2 thousand seats in total. Note that the unique building of the concert hall was designed and built in just three years. The general contractor is JSC Mosinzhproekt.

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