The new tram line from Prazhskaya metro station will have nine stops

01 April 2019
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The new tram line from the Prazhskaya metro station, which will connect Biryulyovo and Chertanovo districts, will include nine stops, as was announced by the Chief Architect of Moscow, the first deputy chairman of the Moskomarkhitektura, Sergey Kuznetsov.

The tram line will connect Krasnogo Mayaka Street, Prazhskaya metro station, Kirovogradskaya Street and Varshavskoe Highway. Along Podolskikh Kursantov Street it will go through Biryulyovo West area and the northern part of Biryulyovo East.

“The line will have eight ground-level stops and one on a utility bridge. Their design is approved by the Moskomarkhitektura. As Mayor Sergey Sobyanin said earlier, the new tram route will provide better transportation for residents of several districts, and will become a quicker access to the metro”, - said Kuznetsov.

The tram will make five stops in the Central and Southern Chertanovo districts. The Krasnogo Mayaka stop will be located on the corner of the street, between buildings 8 and 10, in the direction of Chertanovskaya Street. The stop will have an electronic information screen and a video surveillance system. Passengers will wait for the tram in two pavilions. There will be Krasnogo Mayaka, 4 stop between buildings 4 and 1 (in both directions). Visually, it will resemble the previous one.

Metro Prazhskaya stop will be located at the South Entrance Hall of the Metro, at the intersection with Kirovogradskaya street, on the existing overpass. Varshavskoe Highway stop will be along the Podolskih Kursantov Street, at the intersection with the Varshavskoe Highway, near building 2/1. Dorozhnaya street stop is going to be on the intersection with Dorozhnaya street.

The tram will make a stop on the overpass: Platforma Pokrovskoye, on the border of two districts – Yujnoye Chertanovo and Biryulyovo West. A pedestrian crossing will lead to the stairway in the shape of two towers. The facades will be decorated with gray and blue panels.

In Biryulyovo West, the tram will make four stops: Podolskih Kursantov Street, 22, Podolskih Kursantov Street, 26, Biryulyovo (exit only) and the last station Biryulyovo (for boarding).

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