The Light Falls. Exhibition of Watercolors by Sergey Kuznetsov Opens on October 28

18 October 2021

The Triumph Gallery presents a personal exhibition of Chief Architect of Moscow Sergey Kuznetsov The Light Falls, which includes about a hundred works made in watercolor technique. It will take place from October 28 to December 5 2021.

Watercolors by Sergey Kuznetsov are a kind of visual diary, which contains objects of city landscapes surrounded by their inhabitants and architectural views that remained in the memory after trips. «I recollect what struck me, what I paid attention to Sometimes it is a beautiful shadow, an unusual combination of colors, volumes ... Anything can be in an urban environment. And you think: yes, it was an interesting moment, it needs to be painted» — says the artist. The artist’s works convey toposes and architectural details, and the geography captured in his watercolors is numbered in dozens of cities from New York to Vladivostok.

A special place in the creative work of Kuznetsov is occupied by his hometown — Moscow. Finding himself in private with a sheet of paper, Sergey Kuznetsov brings to the images of cities his feelings, emotions and memories that evoke in him certain urban landscapes and the elements that fill them.

Among them there are buildings of the historic center, residential buildings, embankments, cafes, temples and mosques, train stations, skyscrapers, office buildings and industrial landscapes. The result is a new, often very personal view of the objects that may seem ordinary or even trivial. The artistic approach, knowledge and many years of experience in the design and construction of buildings, as well as the experience of public administration, make Sergey Kuznetsov’s view unique and rich in the way and manner of depicting urban objects.

On the one hand, we can talk about their exact reproduction by the artist’s brush, on the other hand, in each of the watercolors presented at the exhibition there is a wide field for interpretation, sensuality and anticipation.

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