The House of Culture will appear in one of the shops of the «Serp i Molot» («Hammer and Sickle») former plant

29 August 2018

The House of Culture and Music will be opened in the industrial building of the «Serp i Molot» («Hammer and Sickle») former plant after its reconstruction, said Juliana Knyazhevskaya, the Chairman of Moskomarkhitektura.

«There will be a modern concert hall for 3.5 thousand spectators with music studios, voice halls and other educational music facilities,» Knyazhevskaya said. She said that in the «Serp i Molot» («Hammer and Sickle») former industrial zone an urban district for 19 thousand people and 26.5 thousand employees was being built.

«It is important that in addition to housing, new schools, daycare facilities, polyclinics, parking lots, offices and other commercial facilities will appear. In fact, the city will get a new comfortable district instead of the old depressing industrial site,» Knyazhevskaya added.

«Serp i Molot» («Hammer and Sickle») former plant will be replaced by a multifunctional residential complex. The development area will exceed 1.5 million sq. m. The project will be completed by 2025. The project of reorganization of the territory of the «Serp i Molot» («Hammer and Sickle») plant is based on the concept chosen by the results of the International Architectural Competition held in 2013-2014. This competition became the one of the largest events in the modern urban development of Moscow: it was attended by 52 strongest architectural teams, which included 157 companies from 17 countries.

The winner of the competition was the architectural Bureau LDA Design from the UK, is famous for its projects of the Olympic Park in London, the restoration of the Central Park in NYC and a number of renovation projects in industrial areas in Europe. Institute of the General Plan of Moscow became the Russian designer, which developed the territory planning project based on the LDA Design concept.

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