The facades of the concourses of 11 metro stations will be renovated by the 2018 World Cup

13 June 2018

Twenty-five metro stations being sites of the cultural heritage are currently having their concourse facades repaired and prepared for restoration. At 11 stations, the works will be completed by the 2018 FIFA World Cup.

By June, the historic facades of the concourses of the Paveletskaya station of the Koltsevaya Line, Avtozavodskaya and Theatralnaya stations of Zamoskvoretskaya line, Kurskaya station of Koltsevaya and Arbatsko-Pokrovskaya lines, Taganskaya and Dobryninskaya stations of the Koltsevaya Line, Rizhskaya and Alekseevskaya stations of Kaluzhsko-Rizhskaya line, Biblioteka Imeni Lenina station of the Sokolnicheskaya line and Arbatskaya station of the Filevskaya line.

The experts are also repairing the entryways and passages: they are cleaning the surface of the walls, applying plaster, roofing, replacing systems of architectural and decorative lighting of the facades. The main work at the stations is planned to be completed before the World Cup begins. Meanwhile, the entrances and exits will function as usual, so as not to impede the passenger traffic and to allow international guests to appreciate the beauty of the Moscow metro.

By the end of the summer, the concourses of 14 more stations will be restored: Dynamo and Belorusskaya (Zamoskvoretskaya and Koltsevaya lines); Oktyabrskaya, Krasnopresnenskaya and Novoslobodskaya of the Koltsevaya Line; Park Kultury, Krasnye Vorota, Sokolniki, Biblioteka Imeni Lenina, Krasnoselskaya and Chistye Prudy of the Sokolnicheskaya line; Smolenskaya and Ploshchad Revolyutsii of the Arbatsko-Pokrovskaya line.

The works involve not only repair, but also the restoration of the historical architectural image, the reconstruction of the lost decorations. For example, on the Krasnoselskaya station will have a new unique stained-glass window in the concourse, which has been missing for many years. The lamps and the original wooden doors at the entrance will be restored at the radial Belorusskaya station.

A part of the balustrade of the Smolenskaya station has already been restored: two sections on the concourse facade were damaged to the point that they required an immediate response from the experts.

The unique terrasit tiles covering the famous southern concourse of the Krasnye Vorota station will be reassembled and waterproofed.

Probably, the most large-scale work is going to be carried out at the concourse of the Dynamo station: the expert team will restore the balustrade, recreate the floor pattern, and restore the bas-reliefs on the facades of both pavilions.

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