The Complex of Healing Gardens in Skolkovo will be Used Year-Round

13 July 2020
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The complex of Healing Gardens on the territory of the International Medical Cluster in Skolkovo will be used all year round. The park will have special landscape zones that affect different senses, and, in addition, they will open a farm for growing plants, a sports ground and a café. This was announced by Chief Architect of Moscow Sergey Kuznetsov.

“The Healing Gardens in Skolkovo is a very modern park. It offers a variety of healing programs for Medical Cluster patients with a variety of diseases and symptoms. Special plants will be planted here and a farm for their cultivation will be built, places for meditation and walks will be arranged. There will also be a field for physical training, rehabilitation and simply relaxing the mind with the help of sports here. An extremely useful thing, in my opinion," said Sergey Kuznetsov.

The concept was developed by the Arteza landscape company in a consortium with the MADMA urbanism + landscape bureau, managed by one of the leading landscape architects Hiroki Matsuura.

“The main idea that we laid in the concept of the territory of the International Medical Cluster is a chain of interconnected healing spaces that are unique in design and content. This is a garden in which a person is healed by elements that develop their feelings and harmony. Communication, movement, taste, sound, smell and other sources of sensations awaken emotions and mechanisms in a person that have a beneficial effect on their health and well-being. Also the concept is based on three main principles: the first implies a diverse healing space, all landscapes are perfectly connected to each other by a pedestrian and cycle lanes network; the second unifying element is aimed at joint pastime and meetings, creation of visual corridors to focus on architecture and connection with the environment; the third element is innovative design,” said representatives of Arteza.

The park will be dominated by plants close to wild nature, growing mainly in central Russia, such as pine, birch, linden, maple, mock, rose hips, ornamental cereals and herbs, flowering and decorative deciduous perennials.

The small garden will be located in the northern part of the gardens. This space is designed to treat visitors and patients of the Medical Cluster with sculptural art, stimulating their imagination and inspiration. A forest area with a stream will heal with the power of nature. The existing stream will be preserved, and along it a winding walkway made of wooden flooring will be laid.

A space called Flower Mountain will affect the sense of smell. Climbing a high hill created from excavated soil, visitors will enjoy the colorful bloom of many flowers and their spicy scents.

Another green area, the meditation forest, is dedicated to the sense of sound. At the same time, it is a place for a relaxing time in silence. From time to time, the installed speakers will reproduce the quiet sounds of nature - the rustling of gravel underfoot, the sound of the wind in a bamboo grove, and others. The city farm will be responsible for the sense of taste, it will allow not only to grow vegetables and fruits, but  also collect them and eat, therefore, within the framework of the project, vegetable gardens and a small café with a terrace will be made here.

The central public space will be an oval square, where master classes and sports activities can be held. A large pedestrian bridge will smoothly connect the square with the main Skolkovo boulevard, without disturbing car traffic. This elegant design will be a noticeable landscape object that will allow visitors to the gardens to enjoy panoramic views. And the stairs leading to the bridge can be used as an amphitheater.

Finally, the workout field will offer a variety of sports equipment, which is suitable for different age groups.

The designers also paid attention to the courtyards of medical facilities. Each of them will have its own color and design in accordance with the specific purpose of the building.

“It should be noted that the gardens will be relevant not only in the warm season, but also in winter. Walking paths and a cycle lane can be turned into a ski track, ice and snow sculptures can be created on the oval square, holidays can be held, the lecture hall at the café on the city farm is suitable for master classes,”added Sergey Kuznetsov.

The park environment is primarily created for people, so, for a comfortable stay, the road network provides signs, markings, visual navigation and priority when moving along the surface. Each garden path will have its own cover texture. Secondary tracks can be laid out with concrete tiles without a bevel, smaller in size, close to the color scheme. Also, in some areas, granite screening paths and tactile materials can be used. In the forest, it was decided to use wooden flooring, and on sports and playgrounds a rubber coating with a high grade of EPDM chips will be used.

Recreation areas and the attraction points of healing gardens will be located along the pedestrian and cycle routes, which are connected to the general cycling and pedestrian network of the Skolkovo Information Center.

Images: ARTEZA


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