The Chief Architect of Moscow told about the program of liquidation of dilapidated housing stock

19 April 2017

The Chief Architect of Moscow Sergey Kuznetsov told about the principles of the program aimed at renovation of residential districts by replacing the dilapidated and emergency housing with modern houses.

According to Sergey Kuznetsov, the renovation will be carried out in quarters, in established residential areas. The program will be launched in the districts where overwhelming majority of residents approve the idea of resettlement and where the whole quarter can be renovated.

«The opinion of people who live there is very important. If the residents consider their housing comfortable, this opinion will be heard. No one is going to apply „one size fits all“ approach,» said Sergey Kuznetsov.

New housing standards are being developed under this renovation program, using international best practices. These standards require transparent entry elements, convenient access ways without stairs and ramps, ground floors performing public functions, and a variety of facade designs. «We don’t divide the city into „good“ districts where the new standards will be applied and all others. The program involves city-wide renovation,» pointed out the Chief Architect.

The renovation of Moscow districts envisages denser street and road network, new parking lots, landscaped yards. «Today the average area of asphalt surface in a district is rather large, at the same time there is a lack of roads. The driveways are twisty, with small passages between buildings, and cars parked all over the turning areas—in reality, it’s almost impossible to drive through such residential districts. We believe that these areas can be used more effectively at the same percentage of surface covered with asphalt,» explained the architect.

According to Mr. Kuznetsov, at present a special concept is being developed to engage a large number of experts—the world’s leading architects, designers, urban planners—so that the renovation program will be implemented with quality at the maximum level. «Each design solution will pass a rigorous inspection. Architects will be invited under the procedure of international competitions, which is already well-established here,» said Sergey Kuznetsov.


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