The Architectural and Urban Planning Solution for the Project on the Territory of the Badaevsky Plant was Approved

20 July 2020
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The project of a multifunctional residential complex on a plot of 6 hectares on the territory of the Badaevsky plant received a certificate of approval of the architectural and urban planning decision by Moskomarkhitectura, said Chief Architect of Moscow Sergei Kuznetsov. The concept was developed by the Swiss architecture firm, Pritzker Prize winner, Herzog & de Meuron. The Russian bureau APEX also participates in the project.

“The project was done very professionally, it involves the emergence of a new landmark building in the city, the development of the coastal area and the creation of a public space, i.e. a park with an area of 4 hectares and a comfortable embankment. The priority task for the development of the territory of the former Badaevsky plant is to saturate the iconic place with life, to connect it with the Dorogomilovsky district and the city as a whole," said Sergey Kuznetsov.

The implementation of the project includes the restoration and adaptation of cultural heritage sites with an area of about 35 thousand sq. m, the creation of a rich social infrastructure, open urban spaces and a new construction, which will "rise" 35 meters above the ground on slender columns.

Cultural heritage objects located in the considered territory will be restored. One of the buildings, which does not have a protected status, will be restored at the initiative of the investor.

The format and architectural solution of the project was determined by the rich historical component of the location. The rise of new construction will ensure the visual permeability of the restored cultural heritage sites from the side of the embankment, surrounded by a public park with an area of 4 hectares. The landscaping area will be 2/3 of the entire project area. The new park will connect the Moskva River embankment and Kutuzovsky Prospekt, and will become the largest in Dorogomilovo.

“One of the main conditions during the development of the project was to preserve the views of Trekhgorny Brewery from the river. It is a bright landmark of this place. Thanks to this concept, the space will be visually permeable, and the historical buildings of the plant, recreated according to old drawings, will be visible to everyone and open to the residents of the city, the authors of the project emphasize.

The project received high marks from the Moscow architectural community: in the fall, an expert discussion of the project was held at Moskomarkhitektura with the participation of project architects and the investor. The project also received three awards at the WAF 2019 international award as an example of the delicate combination of history, organization of public space and new construction. This is the first Moscow project to win an award in the entire history of the festival.

The customer is the development company Capital Group.

Images: Herzog & de Meuron


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