Street Art Center will Appear Near Shosse Entuziastov Metro Station

26 May 2021

This summer, an open-air gallery Graphite will appear in Moscow. The exposition will feature works by current Russian street-artists. The initiative was officially supported by Moskomarkhitektura.

Chief Architect of Moscow Sergey Kuznetsov agrees with the need to develop the urban environment and the positive role of street art: “The city, of course, is not only architecture. There is such a thing as a synthesis of arts, and historically architecture has always coexisted with painting. Starting with the painting of temples, continuing at metro stations and in public buildings, painting and mosaics have been used. Combination of arts is a very interesting topic, and it is very close to me as an architect and an artist. We certainly support the initiative of the Graphite open-air gallery. Such art projects are integrated into the urban environment, making it more diverse and lively. I am sure that thanks to this initiative we will get examples that develop good taste, encourage the breadth of views, a variety of thoughts and attitudes. "

The mission of the project is to popularize contemporary street art and create a positive image of the area. Over the past decade, street art has become one of the most important tools in transforming the urban environment, because street art is able not only to transform the space visually, but also to shape a new reality, create new meanings and thus raise the level and improve the quality of life.

The uniqueness of the open-air gallery is not only in the number of works collected in one place, but also in the team of participating artists. All of them are already recognized masters, whose murals can be found all over the world, and easel works are instantly bought up by collectors.

The first participant in the project of the Graphite gallery was the cult graffiti artist Kirill Kto with his work "Samolazka", which can already be found at 2, Electrodnaya St., 29. Monumental works are rare for this artist. It is no exaggeration to say that "Samolazka" as large as a house is the only one in the world.

On May 20, Slava PTRK and Zukclub will start working, and in June Rustam Qbic, Artem Stefanov and Anatoly Akue will join them. The first stage of creating the "gallery" will end with works by Darion Shabbash and ZTwins creative association.

The open-air gallery is part of the renovation project for a quarter near Shosse Entuziastov metro station. The territory of the Moscow Electrode Plant will be transformed into the creative quarter of the same name - Graphite. Today, it already houses the Onegog center - a food court with a varied cultural and leisure program, a chamber theater and a business center. The inner courtyards are being arranged.

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