STONE Savelovskaya Business Center in be CITIZEN Concept to be Built

10 May 2021
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STONE Savelovskaya, a new class A business center will appear in a seven-minute walk from Savelovskaya metro station. The concept of the new project was named beCITIZEN. It is made taking into account the comfort of people who will spend a significant part of their working time here. Tsimailo Lyashenko and Partners Bureau is the creator of the stylish architecture. 

STONE Savelovskaya, a class A business center will be built in the north of Moscow, within walking distance from two transport hubs — Savelovskaya and Maryina Roshcha. The two 100-meter towers will be built basing on architectural principles of «timelessness» and «healthy construction». The business center will be the second joint project of STONE HEDGE developer and architects.

«Savyolovsky is a promising developing business district of Moscow. It was important for us to create an object that will become a new landmark, recognizable from all sides. For this purpose, we have developed two 100-meter towers, mirrored relative to each other and resembling sculptures in the general drawing of the surrounding buildings» — said Nikolai Lyashenko and Alexander Tsimailo, architects and co-founders of Tsimailo, Lyashenko and Partners bureau.

The authors of the project focus on the comfort of future residents and believe that high-quality office space will create an environment for fruitful activity.

STONE Savelovskaya meets the high requirements of a functional office space: a room depth of 8–10 m and a ceiling height of 3.65 m are taken into account. Planning solutions of the towers are individual: tower 1 contains office blocks from 50 to 400 sq. m. In tower 2, you can buy larger office space — from 850 to 1880 sq. m (the whole floor), as well as a separate office block of 20 thousand sq. m.

The principles of «timeless way of building» that prevail in this project make it possible to create a business center that harmoniously interact with a person and a metropolis. Freedom and simplicity of lines striving to the sky, an attractive feeling of closeness to a big city due to panoramic glazing. With panoramic glazing, offices in both towers can be naturally ventilated. Panoramic windows offer views of the historic center, the Moscow City complex and the Ostankino television center.

In fact, STONE Savelovskaya will be a mini-city: in addition to offices, all infrastructure necessary for a modern person will appear here. Residents will be able to keep fit in the spacious fitness club, and have a snack in the dining room, cafes and restaurants with summer verandas. For those who work remotely, but prefer to share the concept of «home-work», there will be a coworking space with access to a landscaped area. There are also beauty salons, barbershops, manicure studios, all kinds of shops, pharmacies, dry cleaners, flower salons, ATMs and parcel terminals.

The territory of the business center will have both outdoor and indoor public spaces, which will be divided into several functional zones — for active and passive recreation, work in the fresh air, as well as networking zones inside the business center.

The center’s project is based on STONE HEDGE’s own development — the be CITIZEN concept, which consists of five life principles of a modern metropolitan resident:

• be MOBILE. Get to work quickly, move around the city comfortably;

• be ON TIME. Business center with developed infrastructure: solve your problems here and now;

• be ACTIVE. Sports infrastructure and outdoor activities;

• be HEALTHY. A business center that supports health and productivity;

• be SUCCESSFUL. Purposeful and reliable resident companies are future partners, public spaces are a zone of active networking.

Inside the offices, the optimal microclimate of the office space will be maintained, the possibility of natural ventilation is also provided, a high level of natural light is present and elements of the so-called biophilic design are actively used. «Biophilia» (from other Greek βίος — «life» and φιλία — «love») means that a person has a genetic connection with the natural world, therefore, landscaping of the adjacent territory will be performed thoughtfully, which will determine the species characteristics on the first floors. Elements of «nature-loving» design are provided both on the territory and in the lounge areas and entrance lobbies.

In addition, the location of the office space and high transport accessibility have determined another principle called IN-OUT-AROUND, which is based on the possibility of comfortable movement both to any place in the city and further.

«We consider transport accessibility to be the key advantage of the project on Dvintsev str. Within 7-13-minute walk there are stations of 3 metro lines, TPU Savelovskaya, two lines of the MCD, providing direct communication with Sheremetyevo airport and Skolkovo innovation center, a convenient exit to the Third Transport Ring. Taking into account the planned volume of infrastructure, we expect that we will be able to build a high-quality facility that will meet the needs of the residents of a modern metropolis and will take its rightful place in the office real estate market» - says Victoria Vasilyeva, Deputy General Director for Product and Investments at STONE HEDGE.

According to Nikolai Lyashenko, when the architects were just starting to work on the project, it was clear that this place should become the beginning of the development of the entire surrounding space. So, within walking distance there are stations of the gray and light green lines, and the BCL — Savyolovskaya and Maryina Roshcha metro stations with an Aeroexpress stop to Sheremetyevo airport, as well as two lines of the Moscow Central Diameters (MCD).

Part of the territory will be occupied by an active recreation area. Places have been thought out both for individual pastime and for collective brainstorming. A nice bonus is access to chargers for gadgets and Wi-Fi.

The construction of the project is scheduled to begin in December 2021.

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