Speech Showed Interiors of Future Hermitage-Moscow Museum

14 October 2021
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The interiors of the future Hermitage-Moscow museum at ZIL. The project was made by Speech bureau.

The museum will be located at the intersection of Vesnin Brothers Boulevard and Rodchenko Street. The five-story building will be equipped with two escalators and three elevators. Premises for preparation and storage of exhibits, a photo laboratory, and technical rooms will be located on the underground floor. A hall, a souvenir store and book shop, a conference room and a restaurant will appear on the ground floor. Showrooms will be located from the second to the fifth floors.

As decided, the interior decoration of the halls will be made of natural wood with inclusions of concrete, glass and stainless steel elements.

As a reminder, Moskomarkhitektura has agreed on the project.  The facades of the “cube” building will be made as a grid of metal elements simulating copper.

Images: Speech


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