School with studios for cinema, photography, singing, and choreography to open in Moskovsky

03 September 2018

The construction of school for 775 students on the territory of the greenhouse facility No.1 in the town of Moskovsky will be completed by the end of the summer. It will host studios for cinema, photography, singing, and choreography, linguistic laboratory and technical creativity club, said the Chief Architect of Moscow Sergey Kuznetsov.

«The school will provide classrooms for foreign languages learning, informatics, arts and crafts, modeling and technical toys. It will also house two sports halls, an assembly hall for 465 people, a dining hall for 400 seats, a library, and a media centre. It is planned that children will start their study here this September. As Mayor Sergey Sobyanin said before, in total, 15 educational facilities will be brought into production in Moscow before the end of 2018», — Sergey Kuznetsov explained.

The building with the area of 13,000 square meters includes two three-storey mono-blocks connected by a passage. The facades are performed in light shades with the usage of bright geometric patterns. The school is located at: Novomoskovsky Administrative Okrug, Moskovsky, territory of the city of Moscow, the town of Moskovsky, greenhouse facility No. 1 area, second microdistrict, pos. No.41.

Commissioner: Sovkhoz «Moskovsky+» LLC. Designed by: Natsionalnaya Developerskaya Kompaniya JSC.

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