Residential Complex with "Bridges" and Green Space on the Roof to be Built in Ryazansky Prospekt

11 June 2019

A multifunctional public and residential complex to be built in Ryazansky Prospekt has been designed. According to Chief Architect of Moscow, Sergey Kuznetsov, the project was approved by Moskomarkhitektura.

It foresees construction of three buildings connected by small «bridges». On the roof of a one-story building there will be green space, which will become public space for the residents.

«The object design will look quite original — finishing with dark clinker tiles, the contrast of the shapes of two tall buildings will make the whole complex visible and recognizable. The decision to make a green zone on the roof of a one-story building and connect it with residential zones by small passages is an excellent „signature“ of the project. In general, the project easily meets the standard of quality set forth by Mayor Sergey Sobyanin» — explained Sergey Kuznetsov.

The precise address of the object is 6A, Ryazansky Prospekt. The total area of all premises of the complex is about 44 thousand square meters. The height of the residential buildings of the complex is 15 floors, the first of which will be given for public and commercial use. All the premises of the one-story building are to be rented. On its roof there will be green space with children’s and sports grounds. The access to it will be organized both from the street and through the «bridges» from the first floor of the residential buildings. In addition, it is planned to create green spaces and make beatification around the house. The underground parking for 177 cars will be arranged.

Project Designer — Tsimailo, Lyashenko & Partners. Customer — Specializirovany Zastrojshchick ZhK 2/1, ООО

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