Residential complex designed by Kengo Kuma to be built near the Moscow City

20 February 2017
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The project of the socio-residential complex on Kutuzovsky Avenue was considered at a public hearing. Sergey Kuznetsov said that the concept of the multifunctional complex was devised by the architectural star - Japanese Bureau, Kengo Kuma & Associates.

The construction area is restricted by the Northern alternate route to Kutuzovsky Avenue, Moscow River, Kulneva Street and Street of 1812 years. The concept of this site development was presented by the famous Japanese architect Kengo Kuma at the Architectural Council of Moscow on November 23, 2016. His office proposed to build a multifunctional residential complex which would create smooth visual transition from the Moscow City skyscrapers to the mid-rise buildings; moreover, its permeable structure and large number of green spaces included in the territory would contribute to the perfect integration of the complex into the surrounding urban environment.

In addition to this, the architects made the residential complex connected to the Moscow River. Also the embankment area, which is 1 km long and stretches from the bridge of Kutuzovsky Avenue northern alternate route to the Third Ring Road, is planned to be landscaped under the project.

“The distance from Kutuzovsky Avenue to the river is rather big; Kengo Kuma & Associates carried out a very good job: they connected the housing with the embankment and created public spaces. The area won’t be turned into a closed enclave; it will be connected with the park and the waterfront. At the moment, it actually seems to be taken out of the urban context, and this project will solve the problem. The buildings have a complex silhouette that matches the panorama of the Moscow City skyscrapers, while commending the historic part of Kutuzovsky Avenue,” noted Sergey Kuznetsov.


The total site area is ​​23.25 hectares; the multifunctional complex will occupy the area of about 361 thousand square meters. It will be a group of buildings with different number of floors having the common facades. A wide promenade will pass through the whole territory in the direction from Kutuzovsky Avenue to the waterfront. The area of residential housing will be 149 thousand square meters. 

“The residential complex on Kutuzovsky is not just a project by the ‘star’ architect; it will also become the first urban development plan for Moscow to take the form of superstructures rather than individual buildings, as well as an avant-garde concept that combines different public spaces. Kengo Kuma presented the artfully performed holistic concept of urban environment,” said Sergey Kuznetsov.

In addition to the residential housing, the project includes offices, semi-underground parking – 22,800 sq.m, two schools (the existing gymnasium №1567 and a new school for 460 pupils), a kindergarten for 200 children and a shopping gallery. The public and social facilities will occupy 22,400 sq.m. The project authors have also designed exhibition space and a “sunken garden” at the zero level of the residential complex. The building facades will be constructed from matte anodized aluminum to reflect sunlight and create a lightness and transparency effect.

The project has been ordered by JSC “First Moscow Instrument-making Plant named after V. Kazakov”.


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