Reconstruction of Sayany Cinema in Ivanovsky District Started

04 July 2019

Repairs started in the Sayany Cinema closed since 2005. The building will not be demolished but renovated from the inside – its utility systems, inner planning and fire extinguishing systems will be replaced or updated.

Cinema halls will be repaired; they will become more modern and safe. After the reconstruction, the Sayany will reopen as a modern district center.

Residents of  Ivanovsky District have been waiting for a revival of their favorite cinema for a long time. The building was designed and constructed in 1981 by the architects Viktor Lebedev, Alexander Tsivyan and Boris Shabunin. It was a popular venue for residents of the district to spend their free time. In the 90s, when the development of the filmmaking was suspended, the premises were used for selling furniture. And in the middle of the following decade it seemed that the cinema had closed for good.

At the end of 2014, the Sayany was bought by ADG group development company and included in the reconstruction program of 39 obsolete Moscow cinemas. As a result, a chain of district centers will appear in Moscow; in addition to the return of film shows in a modern form, new leisure and trade facilities will appear next to the houses of millions of Moscow residents. The architectural concept of the district center chain was developed by a British architect Amanda Levete, the author of the reconstruction project of the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, and adapted by Russian designers.

After the reconstruction in the district center Sayany there will be three above ground and one underground technical floor. A grocery store, a pharmacy, an optician, a bank branch, a home goods store and family cafes will open on the ground floor – these are the things the residents of the district need on a daily basis. On the first floor of the district center Sayany there will be a cinema of the South Korean chain CJ CGV with 453 seats; modern high-quality sound and film screening technologies will be used in 4 new comfortable halls. The second floor will be occupied by stores of services to the public.

The district center Sayany will retain the recognizable facade, the historical name and the vintage sign - the original inscription will be scanned in 3D and reproduced in modern durable materials.

The opening of the renovated Sayany is scheduled for 2020.

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