Project of Multifunctional Complex on Former Soyuz Plant Site Approved

10 June 2022
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Moscow Committee for Architecture approved the design of a multifunctional complex at Luzhnetskaya Embankment, 2/4, on the site of the previously operating Soyuz aircraft engine plant. A new modern quarter for life, work and recreation will be created here, said Sergey Kuznetsov, Chief Architect of Moscow.

About 300 thousand square meters of residential, commercial and office real estate will be built on the territory of 8.4 hectares. 14 buildings of variable height and number of floors (from 12 to 18) will be erected.

«A strong team is working on the project. These are the best architectural bureaus with worldwide recognition and many years of experience. One can see a well-thought-out approach to the complex reorganization of the industrial territory. Each type of buildings is made in a single stylistic and coloristic solution. All facades are decorated with natural stone, metal and glass. As conceived by the authors, the gold and bronze shades of the metal echo iconic objects located nearby, for example, the building of the Russian Academy of Sciences and the Gymnastics Palace,» Sergey Kuznetsov said.

Simpson Haugh and AUKETT SWANKE worked on the master plan and building layout for the project, DYER designed the architecture of the buildings and complemented the project with a unique podium idea that provides all buildings with car access directly to the lobby, while leaving the yard completely free of cars.

The Russian bureau ABD architects elegantly solved the difficult task of creating a public and business space between residential development and the Third Ring Road, organically linking the architecture, functionality and historical heritage of the place. The general designer of the entire project is the APEX Design Bureau. ODA has created the interior of each of the 12 clubhouses, entrance pavilions, as well as numerous infrastructure facilities. And the involvement of MVRDV architects to combine the author’s ideas and coordinate their implementation made it possible to create a holistic project, striking in a variety of shapes and volumes, as well as harmoniously integrate it into the architectural appearance of the capital. It was important for the authors of the project to fill the new urban environment in the district with life by creating impressive public spaces for residents and guests of the city.

The project fully includes residential, social, public business and recreational functions. In addition, related infrastructure facilities — restaurants, shops, offices and co-working spaces — will provide new jobs in the area.

«The main points of attraction for local people in the new complex will be: a landscaped embankment with a shopping gallery and recreation areas along the entire development area, a new public area filled with social and public infrastructure facilities, innovative offices, a cinema and concert hall designed by MVRDV, which will become a new architectural art object on Luzhnetskaya Embankment,» added Sergey Kuznetsov.

The concept of improvement is based on the idea of a natural landscape, which includes: water — the 1st line of buildings located on the banks of the river, forest — residential buildings in the depths of the building inside a quiet garden, mountains — buildings of the 3rd line framing the architectural ensemble.

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