Paveletskaya Square After Improvement will Turn into Comfortable Public Space

26 August 2019
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 Moskomarkhitektura gave approval for the project to improve Paveletskaya Square and build a shopping center with a parking lot under it. According to Chief Architect of Moscow, Sergey Kuznetsov, the city will receive a new public space, and the shopping center will be connected to the pedestrian underpass under Zatsepsky Val.

“Paveletskaya Square has a rather rich but sad history. The site changed owners several times, the architects proposed many concepts, one of which was considered by Architectural Council. Now an undisputable positive sign is that we set the wheels in motion, and the project met the quality standard defined by Mayor Sergey Sobyanin. Owing to intensive landscaping (more than 75% of the territory has been allocated for improvement) a new point of attraction for recreation of the city residents and guests will appear in the industrial zone of Paveletskaya Square” - said Sergey Kuznetsov.

The concept of improvement means to create a comfortable landscaped area that will combine active pedestrian flows with public spaces and cafes. Glass canopies of the entrance pavilions will cover a cascade of stairs and escalators leading into the center.

The underground space of the complex will occupy an area of about 70 thousand square meters. Through the first underground level one will be able to get into the already existing pedestrian underpass under Zatsepsky Val Street. The second and third levels are completely given for shops and cafes. The fourth level will have parking for 270 cars, and the fifth will have refrigeration facilities.

APEX bureau is the general designer of the project, while the concept was developed by 5 + Design international bureau.

The Customer is Paveletskaya Ploshchad ООО.

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