Park with Hanging Gardens Opened in Former Serp & Molot Industrial Zone

12 August 2019
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The first part of Zelyonaya Reka Public Park has opened on the site of the former Serp & Molot Industrial Zone. The recreation area of 2 hectares is located within the boundaries of the Symbol Residential Complex. The park is now open for anyone to visit.

One of the main elements of Zelyonaya Reka composition is the bridge. It passes over the deepest part of the park. The bridge floor is supported with 11 bridge bearings in the shape of bowls, where large trees and climbing grapes have been planted. The whole park with a total area of 10 hectares will be ready in 2025. The authors of the project are Atrium Architectural Studio. Children’s playgrounds will be created by Chekharda Bureau.

The bridge connects different parts of the park; at the same time it is a kind of «roof» for the amphitheater. It is going to be used as a summer cinema, lecture hall and concert stage. Around it there are walking paths and recreation areas, play and sports grounds. More than 180 adult trees up to 5 meters tall and 3.5 thousand ornamental bushes have been planted in the park. Thirteen flower beds made of 6 thousand ornamental plants became a real center-piece of the area. Each sector of the open section of Zelyonaya Reka has its central element. For one of the recreation areas it is a 30-meter pergola made of natural larch, in the children’s sector it is a seven-meter structure made of natural oak with a rope maze.

Around this game element, the authors of the project created a real children’s kingdom with trampolines, swing-nests, playgrounds for educational games. Besides, a few drinking fountains with clean water were installed on the territory and places for charging electronic devices were equipped.

Let us remind you that the concept of the Symbol Residential Complex was developed by British architectural bureaus — LDA Design and UHA London.

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