Origami-styled 3D façade: what the new sports complex in Troitskiy and Novomoskovskiy Administrative Okrug will look like

01 February 2019

According to, a new family sports complex with ice-skating rinks, gyms and climbing walls will appear in the town of Marushkinsky in the Novomoskovskiy administrative district.

The architecture of the sport center will be styled as an origami. The design project of the building was approved by the Committee for Architecture and Urban Planning of Moscow. The construction is to begin later this year.

“The facades of the ice palace will look like geometrical shapes out of folded paper or crystals of ice. The walls of the building will be made of metal, while the hinged 3D-facade will be made of chrome-plated materials. The entrance of the structure will be decorated with see-through stained-glass windows with sun-protective triangular decorative elements. These dimensional structures will provide shade to the halls of the palace in summer,” said Sergey Kuznetsov, the Chief Architect of Moscow.

The building of the ice arena will be three-story. The main ice field for competitions and a training rink for athletes and guests of the complex will be on the ground floor. The rest of the space will be designated for gyms, coaching rooms, changing rooms and showers. The ground floor will also have a medical room and a room for skate sharpening.

The second floor is going to have stands for spectators, gyms with exercise machines and equipment, changing rooms, showers and a cafe. The third floor of the complex will have a 4-meter high climbing wall for athletes and guests. The total area of ​​the ice palace will be more than six thousand square meters.

The area around the sports arena will be landscaped. There will be over 500 square meters of new trees, shrubs and flowers, as well as a lawn with LED lights and benches.

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